Advantages of Being Certified

Kids in Ministry International Advantages of Being Certified


What are the Advantages of Being Certified?

What are the Advantages of SSCM Certification?

1.     As a certified graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry you will receive Free MP3 updates of any SSCM classes that are added or updated for life. Any new or updated DVDs are available to certified grads at a 50% discount.

2.   SSCM grads receive discounts at KIMI camps, conferences, and seminars where registration fees are require. Graduates also receive a 10% discount off any items in our online store. However, to receive the discount, the order must be placed by calling the Kids in Ministry office during normal business hours or through email for those in other nations.

3.   If you decide you want to look for a position as a children’s pastor of a local church, this training course will prepare you for most situations and can be included on your resume’ as unique quality training you have received. When we receive requests in our office for churches looking for children’s pastors or ministers, we check to see if any of our SSCM certified grads are interested.

4.   You become a part of a worldwide network of children’s ministers who have the same passion for children you do by becoming an official PowerClub leader in your own church, home, neighborhood, city, or school by a simple application process. Your PowerClub is then listed on our website so others in your area can find your Club and bring their children to your meetings.

5.   Further advantages of certification are if you are interested in overseas travel, we have many opportunities to take trained SSCM grads with us as a part of our teaching teams. It is possible for graduates to join our experienced ministry leaders to help preach the gospel in a variety of nations. They help to launch PowerClubs by teaching in PC conferences and seminars. There’s no carrying the suitcases of the leaders–you are mentored as one of them on these trips. These trips are eye-opening and the anointing is powerful as you see how hungry the people in the nations are to be trained to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. (All expenses are the responsibility of each team member. All participation is on a volunteer basis, with no financial compensation of any kind promised or implied.) 

6.    Certified SSCM grads can become a Kids in Ministry Representative speaking in churches, camps, and conferences to train others to teach their kids to walk in the supernatural. More detailed information is available upon request. Through a simple application process you then become qualified to train others either with the SSCM or the PowerClub Training Course. In other words, having been trained, you become qualified to become a trainer.

7. When KIMI is ready to establish directors in states here in the USA, or as directors in other nations, it is our SSCM graduates whom we look to as our choices. It is possible to grow in positions of leadership in KIMI first by becoming certified, then through relationship building with other KIMI Leaders by attending conferences, camps, and participating in a variety of KIMI activities. All of our current state directors and national directors are certified SSCM graduates whom have built consistent relationships with us.

In many ways, the sky is the limit as to how far one can become involved with KIMI, but the first step is becoming a certified graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. We hope that at least one or all of these things are of interest to you and that you will decide to press in for certification.







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