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1274539What happens when you actually teach children the authority they have in Christ? What happens when you teach them the power there is in the name of Jesus? What happens when you teach them the deep truths of God’s word and take them seriously as disciples of Christ? Could they possibly even take authority over demonic spirits and witches?

This is a powerful testimony from Pastor Francis Opoku, an impressive children’s minister, one of our SSCM graduates and PowerClub trainer in the nation of Ghana. He oversees over 5,000 children in 47 PowerClubs. Here he shares what is happening with his PowerClub kids.

Kids have Been Empowered!

“Our children have been empowered. One fact is, THEY HAVE NO FEAR OF WHAT MANY PEOPLE FEAR HERE. The major demonic operation here is what we call “juju”, the occultist practices. In the villages, there are god’s and men that scare the people. People even dare not mention their names. Reports from the field tell me that, even when Christian adults fear to preach against them (by mentioning their names), our children public pray and speak against them.

Our children publicly declare them powerless. Sometimes, their parents get scared something might happen to them. But nothing happens. They confront witchcraft without any intimidation at all. At one prayer meeting, when the children were speaking against the works of the devil against children and youth in their village, a child told them he saw Satan dead. Same week, the town saw the death of a woman believed to be a big witch.

309769They Preach the Gospel to All!

There have been similar reports. But what I see excites my leaders is when our children go out preaching the gospel to all, without fearing people who are known to be spiritually fighting the work of the church. They go to every home declaring the power of Jesus to save everyone who comes to him.  Our children have also come to accept that the laying on of hands is not only the prerogative of the Pastors. They lay hands on everyone who request for prayers.”

Pray for Pastor Francis and all of out indigenous PowerClub leaders around the world. They battle conditions, religious opposition, terrorism, and more on a daily basis.

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