Are You Ready for the Super Bowl?

Kids in Ministry International News & Views Are You Ready for the Super Bowl?

Three Year Old Dreams Big

Are you and the kids getting ready for the SUPER BOWL? Who are your kids rooting for? Does your child have dreams of being a pro-football player some day? This morning I saw a 6 year old boy who has been dreaming of being a pro football ball player since he was 3 years old. Today he’s in a clinic for kids to learn how to play football safely. No doubt he will be on teams his whole life learning how to play the game and being mentored in age appropriate ways. Just imagine how good he’ll be at the game by the time he’s reaches college!

Now, just imagine how amazing your kids would be if you were just as diligent to teach them from age three on-wards to hear God’s voice, heal the sick, be led by the Spirit of God, know the Word, pray, worship and so forth. If you give your child every natural opportunity to develop his physical and natural gifts, why would you, as a Christian parent, not also just as aggressively develop his spiritual gifts? Which is more important?

So your kids goes to football practice every day after school–how many hours a week is that? 5 to 10 maybe? Now how many hours a week to you drill and mentor your child in spiritual things? One hour a week at church? Maybe, if you decide to go–assuming, of course, your church trains your child in these things because you are too busy to do it at home. A little lop-sided in time and effort maybe? Just maybe?????

You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Just imagine how amazing the child would be if you developed BOTH his natural abilities AND his spiritual abilities at the same time? How else will he be able to impact his world for Christ?

How are you preparing you children TODAY to be everything God designed them to be?

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