Are You Sharpening the Arrows in Your Quiver?

Kids in Ministry International News & Views Are You Sharpening the Arrows in Your Quiver?

The Arrows in Your Quiver

Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands Psalms 127:4

“I recently saw a documentary about the Kennedys. Controversies aside, I was intrigued by the strategy behind their way of life. Early on Joseph Kennedy Sr. had a vision to make his family a political force in the country. The son of equally ambitious parents he began his rise to power and reached the respected status of “Ambassador to the UK” but his goal was the Presidency.

In his pursuit of the presidency, however, he came to a crossroads–would he use political allies as stepping stones in hopes of reaching the top, or would he continue to build political ties and use the support to help his sons reach the top? The latter option would mean he would never feel the thrill of being called Mister President. But it also meant his eventual influence in the political world would be much stronger. He chose to build bigger and better for his children’s future.

Multi-Generational Vision

Few people are interested in the lives of the Kennedys before the 1930s because few understand that those were the foundation years. To anyone wanting to learn the secret of the success of the Kennedy family, the years where the Kennedys were raising their 9 young children at home were arguably the most important in laying the foundation stones of the family legacy. By the time the children were old enough to be noticed they were sharpened arrows ready to be fired from the Kennedy quiver. It was too late to stop them.

If you’ve never considered your life activities in the light of a multi-generational vision, perhaps it is because you’re thinking “Why bother since Yehsua’s return is eminent? Consider the term “hitting beyond the ball.” It’s a classic rule in games like golf and baseball. It is derived from a simple law of physics: those who try only to hit the ball will not hit it nearly as well as those who continue swinging after the ball is hit. So let us live ready for him to return any day well planning for his arrival in 100 years. Even in his parables Yeshua was clear that he is arriving while we are busy doing his will, will be much better received then His arriving to see us standing staring at the sky.”

By Shani Ferguson, Yeshua Israel,
Used by Permission

So what is your “family plan” to sharpen the arrows in your quiver?

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