Make Sure You Teach The Essential Four by Billy Burns

If you ever have the privilege of meeting Children’s Pastor Billy Burns, you won’t forget him easily. Smiling, jovial, hilarious, and serious about leading kids into revival. I first [...]

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Youth Ministry in Question

An Honest Look at Youth Ministry

We need to take an honest look at youth ministry. For the past three decades, youth ministry has exploded across America, accompanied by a rise in the number of [...]

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Vladmir Lenin’s Children’s Ministry

Vladimir Lenin, former leader of the Soviet Union, said, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” He added, [...]

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“I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!”

“I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!” some parents say. We live in a society that is consumed with sports, and parents move heaven and earth to [...]

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Who’s winning Their Hearts?

Who’s winning the hearts of our children in the world of education? One of the clearest issues in the education debate is the question of worldview development. The Nehemiah [...]

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preschooler with plastic fetus

Kim Clement Prophecy – The Shedding of Innocent Blood

Kim Clement Prophecy Regarding the Shedding of Innocent Blood “What is happening now is that there is innocent blood being shed. And God says clearly and through me now, [...]

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Do You Have a Plan for Parenting?

“I had to learn the hard way,” explained one of the effective parents, “that unless I sat down, thought through where we were going as parent and child, how [...]

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A Family Without Prayer

Why is it that Christian families think nothing of a lifestyle that demands hours per week traipsing across town, blood, sweat, and tears from our children, and thousands of [...]

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Childrearing as a Communal Affair?

American culture does not support the notion of parenting being a full-time job. In fact, many in our society look down upon those individuals, most often women, who devote [...]

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Varying Opinions of God’s role in Creation

Surprisingly, the body of Christ is quite divided on the subject of creation. Below is a common list of their viewpoints. All these views have one thing in common: [...]

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