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Kids in Ministry International Bill Hamon Prophecy

Prophecy: A REVOLUTIONARY REVIVAL IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOLS Birthing God’s Purpose, pg 81-92 Christian International Ministries Christian International Publishing (Written to teenagers, children, and babies)

Bill Hamon Prophecy:

“There is not just a youth revival coming but a youth revolution! You are going to the public schools, private schools, church schools, and home schools. A revolutionary revival is coming to schools from kindergarten through college. You will invade all areas of the world with supernatural kingdom of God. Many will get activated by becoming involved in intercessory prayer walks, Bible studies, and spiritual renewal meetings. You the “Transition Generation.”

Your group will be the generation that will fully manifest the Saints Movement, become the Army of the Lord, and bring forth the “Kingdom Establishing Movement” which will finalize the restoration of all things, releasing Jesus to come from heaven and take dominion over all the earth. “Jesus is still saying today that we should allow the children to come unto Him for He is going to use them mightily. Jesus is excited about this age group, for they will be the ones to bring Him back as King.

Even now God is going to sovereignly visit the teenage and junior age children, moving them into the Holy Spirit realm of visions and supernatural visitations. They will prophesy very specific things and heal the sick. They will receive such revelation of Jesus that it will cause them to lose all fear of the devil and evil spirits. They will know that the smallest child of God cleansed by the blood, clothed with the robe of righteousness and the garment of praise can whip the biggest demon hell has to offer. They will be little David’s, boldly going against and defeating great Goliath’s. ”

I challenge youth pastors to begin preaching and imparting this vision and faith to the youth. Believe for God’s visitation and be prepared to allow it to happen when it starts. Young people, get pregnant with this visitation. Get such a hunger and thirst until you are filled with God’s righteousness, revolutionary revival, and another restoration move of God! Start preparing now so that you will be prepared to participate in all God is about to do. Your generation is going to experience all that the prophets have seen and longed to participate in. Do not miss your day of visitation, for you are a predestined and privileged generation.”







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