Boy Quits Sniffing Glue

Boy Quits Sniffing Glue!

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FILIPINO BOY QUITS SNIFFING GLUE AFTER ATTENDING A KIMI POWERCLUB! Sniffing glue, and other cheap products, is extremely common in children in poor countries which produces intoxication or hallucinations. It’s extremely common in kids as young as 6 or 7. There was a nine-year-old boy in one of our PowerClubs in the Philippines who had been regularly sniffing glue prior to coming. But after attending for a while, his mother reported he stopped doing it. He even started praying for his little brothers and sisters at home when they were sick. His mother was absolutely amazed at the change in her son.

Our simple little PowerClubs have an amazing impact on kids because we offer them more than just salvation and Bible stories. We take them further into the things of God getting them filled with the Spirit, teaching them how to hear God’s voice and follow his leading, how to heal the sick, pray and intercede, and so much more.

We call this the New Wine Skin of children’s ministry. Are you hungry for the new wine? Well, so are your kids.

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