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poltical-correctness2THE STREETS OF AMERICA ARE IN CHAOS! WHY? I am still reading in the book of Nehemiah. In fact, I am enamored with what I read! GLUED to the pages! It is an exact prophetic picture of what is happening today in the streets of America. The polarization of political views is not new. But the onslaught of violent and aggressive reaction is.
So, it was in the days of Nehemiah. I posted on this on Nov 11. As I wrote as soon as the Jews (prophetic for those who voted for Donald Trump, most of whom were “white Evangelicals,”) began to rebuild the walls (new administration and conservative Cabinet picks) of their broken-down city (prophetically America) their outspoken enemies began to taunt them. They threatened violence to the point that Nehemiah and his people had to carry swords and other weapons to protect themselves against the attackers.

They Have Learned Nothing!

I am daily stunned at the relentless aggressive and behavior of those who lost in this election. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime. It’s like the left-wing media and politicians learned nothing from this election. They still don’t know why America voted the way they did. They don’t understand we are rejecting their messaging in every category. They try vehemently to deceitfully paint Trump supporters in the most negative of light, and feed the unreasonable fears and discord in the masses.
Here’s what happened to Nehemiah. He and his friends also faced massive ridicule, threat of force, discouragement and fear. But they refused to stop what they were doing. Every time their enemies screamed their abusive language, Nehemiah did what every Bible believing Evangelical should do—he prayed!

Well Planned Security is Biblical!

In the end, we learn from Nehemiah that prayer and determination will overcome ridicule. We also learn that prayer and WELL-PLANNED SECURITY (love the new Trump national security picks!) will overcome the threat of force (outside invasion and enemies and those who are plants on the inside.)
We learn from Nehemiah that it is ALWAYS right to pray that God will put down his enemies (NOTE: people are not our enemies, but the anti-christ agenda and spirits behind them are) and to pray that God will put down their intentions to destroy His work (America founded on godly, biblical principles) or harm His people (if they are not against us, they are for us -Luke 9:50).
What the left is clueless about is the massive prayer meetings from coast to coast that have gone on over this election. And they have been going on for years. The left media has ignored them—like the million Christians who met on the Mall at the Capitol to pray that God would heal our land and restore us back to biblical values.
Well…….they aren’t ignoring us anymore!!!!

Nehemiah was BUILDING A WALL!

What I found most fascinating in reading this book is that Nehemiah was BUILDING A WALL!!!!!!!
Why did “white Evangelicals” vote the way they did? Because they saw our walls spiritually and literally were being torn down over the last eight years, and our literal enemies have been allowed to freely enter and roam our lands unhindered. What kind of insanity is that? It defies common sense!
White evangelicals as a group (there are always exceptions) are the LEAST racial (and serious shame on those who are, because they do exist though they are not the majority and they do not represent me!), the most caring and compassionate of groups, the most “inclusive” (the left loves that word, and includes everybody but Christians. Have you noticed?) and the most generous (a statistical fact).

Conservative Values Matter

But we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices and schemes working through certain agenda’s and political groups. We care about conservative values, biblical values from our school houses to the White House and to the Supreme Court. We fully reject the liberal, Christ-dishonoring agenda that has been forced upon us by the progressive movement (like killing babies). That’s who the “white Evangelical” is, and why they voted the way they did.
What’s another reason I personally care? Because this generation of youth and kids are being denied the right to hear both sides of the story. They have been steeped and marinated in political correctness. They are told what to believe, and if they don’t agree, they are ostracized, criticized, and rejected.
One way you can “build the wall” for your children is to teach them the Word of God so they can learn for themselves what God values.

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