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Kids in Ministry International Burma (Myanmar) PowerClubs

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is basically a “closed” country. This means the current government does not allow other religions besides Buddhism to operate openly, not evangelize it’s people, especially Christianity. Persecution is still real, though I have been told some restrictions are slowly being loosened. So when we trained 100 Burmese pastors, we did so in Thailand, and they took their training back to their villages and people. As such we do not have real ongoing communication with them, nor o we know their names or locations.

But the initial fruit of the training was above our expectations. We blogged about it in a different section of this website. But we will repeat the information here. Please pray for our leaders in Myanmar, and pray that we will be able to continue spreading this vision in their nation.

“You have brought impact!”

..sang the aging Rev. Phijo (Pea-joe) who had been minister his whole life. He smiled and danced for joy at the news we taught that God is using children all around the world for His kingdom purposes in signs, wonders, and miracles. This took place in a unique PowerClub training conference in November 2012 in Mai Sae, Thailand, where one hundred Burmese pastors and leaders, each carefully selected from different tribes, tongues and regions of Myanmar (Burma), crossed the Thai border everyday to be trained in childrens’ ministry.

What was most unique, and a “first” for my coworker Pamela Ayres and myself, was that our host, Pastor Lu, a third generation Pentecostal minister, has great favor with Baptist and Presbyterian pastors all over his nation. That’s who these one hundred pastors and leaders were! There were only one or two Pentecostal preachers in the whole bunch! Throughout the four days of training, Pastor Lu was constantly exhorting us to be careful not to mention speaking in tongues, or being slain in the Spirit, or anything else that could be deemed as controversial. At the same time, he wanted us to bring the Pentecostal message. No pressure! So we were as careful, yet bold, as we knew how to be.

Children Speaking in Tongues for Hours!

The amazing results were, we felt surprisingly free in to share our message, and quite spontaneously  we found ourselves teaching the pastors how to lay hands on the sick and pray for their healing, as well as learning to listen to the voice of God. We even had them try their wings at giving prophetic words! And they did it! We were giddy at taking pictures of these mature, seasoned pastors laying hands on the sick for the very first time in their lives, and seeing four ladies healed!

They left inspired and challenged in faith and life-long doctrine. And the results? Just look at the reports Pastor Lu sent to us barely two weeks after we returned home:

“I called seventy Myanmar leaders and found that all of them have started PowerClubs in their villages now and the Holy Spirit is moving and working among the children in an amazing way. Forty eight of the pastors have seen the work of the Holy Spirit in a great way and recognized and accepted even speaking in tongues. The other day two pastors called me that thirteen of the little kids received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in their village. They did not teach them to speak in tongues but the little kids start speaking in unknown tongue anyway. They said the unknown language keep coming from the mouth of many children for hours. Another pastor said that they have forty seven little children in their village and half of them start speaking in tongues when they did the altar call. They have never ever done like this before.

A Fire Which Cannot Be Stopped!

The beautiful part of this experience is that even the adults had to learn from the kids in terms of spiritual gifts. The leaders told me that the filing of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongue and falling, shaking, singing a spiritual songs, crying out in tears are happening only during the altar call and praying. God is using the kids in the villages. Even adults, and those leaders and pastors have learned so much practical things from the kids being used by the Lord in the villages during this time.

They learned this for the first time in their ministry. Six of the children were slain in spirit. This happened in the village. The pastors learned great things from the kids which they never taught them to experience it but it happened supernaturally. This is something like the fire which cannot be stopped by anybody because it is done by the Holy Spirit not men. Pastor Lu”

Burmese graduation

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