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Call It Resurrection Day

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I decided sometime last year not to call this this weekend by it’s pagan name “Easter.” I decided from now on to call it by it’s right name – Resurrection Day. I’m not trying to be a joy-kill or overly pious. I’m just concerned about the rapid demise of Christianity in American, which is also part and parcel of our heritage. Coupled with the research that shows this is the most biblically illiterate age in American history, new polls show only 42% of Americans know what this holiday is supposed to represent. And that’s the general population. Lord only knows what it is among Millennials!

Many Christians understand the “Easter” part of this weekend stems fully from pagan fertility cults back in Medieval days. That’s what the bunnies, chicks and eggs are all about–lots and lots of babies hoped for by making sacrifices to their pagan gods. I could really care less if you let your kids color Easter eggs this weekend, go on Easter egg hunts, or eat Peeps and chocolate bunnies. If you are not convicted about it, then have some family fun time. If you want to add in bunnies and eggs, let Saturday be your Easter. And be honest and tell your kids what Easter is all about, and that it’s pagan holiday that has nothing to do with Christianity.

But just please rightly educate your children about the rest of the weekend. Good Friday represents the day Jesus did on the cross for our sins and Sunday is the day to stone was rolled away from the tomb and Jesus was raised from the dead! Why is it a big deal? Because without the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, Christianity is a hollow religion. Plus – you can’t get saved without it. It’s the very basis of our belief system.

“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

Perhaps if more Christians called this weekend by it’s correct name, we would open up valuable conversations with unsaved friends and loved ones, and in a small way educate those around us about our precious Savior and what He did for us on this holiday season.

Have a Happy Resurrection Day!

(For more information read “What People Don’t Know About Easter.” Click Here)

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