Called to the Kingdom

Called to the Kingdom

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Stephanie HilkerWe are all called to the kingdom for “such a time as this.” However, there is a special and unique call on the younger generations—they are an “end times” generation, born for this day. They have unique gifts, viewpoints, motivations, and they will function in the kingdom in unique and creative ways, differently than us purely because of the day and time in which they were born.

They can feel the call in their inner beings. It’s so strong, they can taste it. Secular analysts, educators, researchers and others recognize an unusually high percentage of them are committed to social justice, helping the poor and needy, and in general easily commit to causes larger than themselves with fervor and passion. Whoever gets their attention at young ages wins.

I have said for many years, we can either let the world train them to save baby whales, or we can train the to save souls. The choice is ours. They WILL be committed to a cause. Let’s guide them to being committed to the cause of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Are you in? What will you do today to begin making it happen?

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