Child Wakes Up Speaking In Tongues

Child Wakes Up Speaking in Tongues!

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Tiny 1Imagine waking up speaking in tongues for the first time, especially if you are a child! This happened recently in a Russian KIMI PowerClub. My vision from the beginning was to have leaders in every nation on earth. We are far from accomplishing that goal (we are officially in ten, unofficially in 25-30), but I am warmed by the progress we have made.

With all the stormy news about RUSSIA on the news these days, I am heartened by a young woman named Sveta Melihova who is now a graduate of our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. She has inspired an entire team in their church towards supernatural children’s ministry. They are currently going through our curriculum There’s Power in the Blood.

Our KIMI Materials Teach about Speaking in Tongues

One of the ladies who works with her wrote me: “I am a children’s minister in Sveta Melihova’s team in Moscow. It all started with reading your book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century. It made a complete change in the mind, just a revolution!! I read, wept and repented before God, because I saw many my mistakes in rising my own children. I repeated: Oh, God, why I didn’t know this before …?

“Last year, we did a course of the Holy Spirit for children 6-11 years old using parts of your curriculum Our Amazing God and Prayer Power and it was amazing! The youngest girl in the group, who was 6 years old, was baptized the very first, and even before we began to teach about languages. SHE SAID THAT SHE WAS ASLEEP AND SHE FELT THAT GOD TOUCHED HER AND GAVE SOMETHING TO HER. SHE WOKE UP AND SUDDENLY BEGAN TO SPEAK IN TONGUES.”

God Did It Himself! They are Speaking in Tongues!

Something similar happened when we trained pastors and leaders in Myanmar. They taught their children to go into the presence of God at the end of their services and the Holy Spirit moved sovereignly, and all the children began speaking in tongues!

Our Russian leader continued, “This was such an encouragement for us! God did it himself! Then it was even more interesting. After two months of teaching we said that we will pray for the children for baptism of the Holy Spirit. And many children said that they already spoken in tongues, God baptized them by Himself! It was very healthy, especially since we were viewed in the church with a little skepticism and apprehension.”

Tiny 2We Had a Breakthrough in Worship!

Speaking in tongues was not the only powerful thing that happened. Irina went on to say, “The second half of the year we did the KIMI curriculum of Worship the King and here we had a breakthrough in worship time. We call it quiet time. I remember how at the beginning of the year we just taught our children to learn to be quiet and stay in God’s presence for at least a few minutes. It was difficult, the children sighed, but tried.

But during the course of the Worship, we’ve got a breakthrough. This happened after using your format of the tabernacle pattern of children’s ministry, when we were talking about the Holy of Holies. When we began to spend quiet time, and said that now we will enter with you into the Holy of Holies and what happened then just shocked us.

The Children Knelt and Cried. We could not finish!

“God’s presence came upon us as a Shekinah and His presence was so strong that we couldn’t get out of it. The children knelt and cried. We could not finish, because the children did not want to leave God’s presence – so it was perfect. Behind the doors parents were already crowded, because our time has already out, and the children said – we do not want to leave. We left the room absolutely quietly, not as usual, with noise and screams). Parents asked – what did you do with the children ??!!!”

“After that, quiet time became the main focus of our lesson. Children began to wait for this and say: hooray, quiet time! And it’s incredibly beautiful!!”

Our Rusian PowerClub leader finished, “I find it difficult to describe how grateful I am to God for what He has done in my life, how much he taught me during this lessons with children, I did not get such a selected spiritual food right from Heaven. My mind turned over, despite almost 25 years in God!

“Thank you so much for your work, you cannot even imagine how many lives you are changing. God very much blessed us and our children through you and your work !!” ~ Irina

This is just part of the wonderful testimonies coming out of Russia!

Please pray for our ministry as we do not have a denomination or group supporting us financially. Easily half of our products are given away, and many of our trips are to parts of the world where we have to pay all expenses. In finances and staff/team we are very small. But God has seen to it that we have a huge influence in the world.

I would love to hear your comments, and please share.

(Photos are from Svetlana’s PowerClub)

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