Children Chase off Snakes & Cheetahs!

Kids in Ministry International News & Views Children Chase off Snakes & Cheetahs!

Children Chase off Snakes & Cheetahs!

More fabulous testimonies are coming in from our PowerClub leaders around the world. These come out of India, a land of a billion people, with half of them under the age of fifteen! What a harvest field of children that is! But because there is the very real threat of persecution of the Christians in some areas, we are not divulging the names or locations. But this comes from our resident Indian director “C.S.” as the leaders under her send in reports. We are so proud of the ten years of dedicated work C.S. has invested in her nation.

Notice how young some of these children are! They can handle the meat of God’s word and truths we typically reserve for adults. We must take them more seriously as disciples of Christ. Would your children know enough to be able to react this way in a crises moment? If not, why not? What have you been teaching them?

The Testimonies

From C.S. “Rejoice with me – here are a few testimonies from our PowerClubs in India –

In a village named T………………. there lived family with two children. One is 3 yrs and another is 4yrs. One day when their parents went out in the forest in search of food, the two children stayed alone. At that time a Poisonous Snake came. They don’t know what to do. The first child suddenly had an idea of one lesson read from the Power club and he commanded to the snake to go in the name of Jesus. What a great surprise the snake left them without harming the kids. One of their relative told this testimony Glory to God!!

In P………………., there are many Cheetahs in the forest area. One day when two of the children were playing in the village, a Cheetah came and tried to harm one girl. The other girl, who is coming to our PowerClub, cried, “Jesus, help us!” As soon as the cheetah heard that screaming the Cheetah left the child without harming. The whole villagers were astonished. Glory to God!!

N—S…………………. from a village had gotten first prize in the school for the best helping and kind tendency towards the neighbor. And when the management asked for the basic reason for getting such a good heart, she witnessed them about our Power club, and they greeted her to keep it up.”

Here was a report from a different area:

As you know, we are presently having 42 Power Clubs and all the clubs we have in villages and tribal areas. After the Power club Ministry the first thing we could see is the children are becoming more intelligent and faithful to God than before and the life style of the people is growing up because we work since last 32 years among the tribal people of  more than 87 areas those who suffer more for even daily needs. They lead their residing most probably in the caves and forest. They are not able to meet themselves in education, health and nutrition.

Secondly lots of sick peoples gets healing, through the healing; peoples could understand that our God is Almighty. You could see lots of healing testimony in reports.

Thirdly our Church is growing through the Power Clubs because all the children are bringing peoples and children to the Kingdom of God. I am thanking Bishop Hank for introducing you and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for the children to bring them to knowledge of God. Thanks, Raj K.

A Simple Preschool Curriculum

As my leaders spread out around the nations and began to teach people the proper, effective way to teach children about the Lord, they discovered the curriculums we normally use for kids here in the west were over their heads. Many were new converts, or had only lived as Hindus or animists, depending on the nation. But even those who were Christians had such a low level knowledge of the word of God, they could not handle larger teachings all at once. So two of my co-workers tried translating and giving them our curriculum designed for 3 – 5 year old children called, “Preschoolers in His Presence.”

It is full of five-minute lessons–just one small concept at a time–and we are amazed at how effective it is in the villages around the world!

We have now translated the Preschool curriculum in many different languages. Many of them are available for free.

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