Children In Ghana Set A Boy Free

Children in Ghana Set a Boy Free

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kids set the boy freeOff the Charts!!!! Here’s a fresh testimony from one of our PowerClubs in Ghana under Ps Francis Opoku. He wrote: “Some of our children from the Winkogo Cadet PowerClub gathered to pray one morning at school. They were getting ready to write an exam that morning. A boy walked in as they were praying in a room. Suddenly, as the boy approached them, he fell to the ground.

But these children had been trained in the word of God and knew the power in the name of Jesus. One of our boys lifted his Bible over the boy on the floor and begun to command demons to come out. The boy resisted and screamed; “Don’t touch me with the that book!” Suddenly, the boy on the floor (manifesting demonic presence) got up and started to run away.

The funny part was that, our boys run after him. They caught in the village market and continued to pray until the boy was completely delivered. They set the boy free from the tormenting demonic spirits. The matter came to the school authorities. What did they do? They have asked the children to Make their prayers a regular meeting (Monday to Friday). Cadet PowerClub Leaders have joined in as the children continue to lead the prayer and sharing of the Word of God. More children are attending this every-afternoon meeting. Praise to Jesus!

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