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Transcript of Children Walking in Signs, Wonders & Miracles

King’s Castle Ministry:

Becky: Today I’m interviewing a 20-year veteran missionary from South America, Michelle Triplett Wellborn, who trains street kids to do signs, wonders, and miracles through the power of Jesus’ name. Missing fingers and ears growing out! Cataracts instantly disappearing. Deformed ribs moving back into the correct position. Deaf mutes shouting out the name of Jesus. Witches, warlocks, being set free! People jumping out of wheelchairs, and the list just goes on and on! 

These are just some of the supernatural miracles that my guest is going to be talking about today that have happened in her ministry in the last 10 years through the young children that they have trained to walk in signs and wonders.

Meet Michelle Wellborn

My friend Michelle was raised on the mission field in El Salvador by her missionary father Don Triplett in King’s Castle Ministries. And he had crazy radical faith for the miraculous, and he passed that faith on to his children. Now they’ve seen God multiply their resources supernaturally many times. And they’ve seen too many instant healings to even recount them all.  But now Michelle and her husband live in Argentina, and they, too, are training and equipping a new generation of boys and girls--slum/street kids, no less– under the age of 12 to pray and believe God for the impossible.  

Now the stories that you hear today should be normal for every children’s ministry no matter what nation you are from.  And if it’s not, you need to ask yourself why. Because it can happen with a little faith and a lot of boldness. Now, at the end of this interview, I’ll share with you how to get started in your own supernatural kids ministry. So be sure to watch all the way to the end.

Now, let’s jump right in and hear what Michelle has to share.

I am so excited, Michelle Welborn!  Oh, I’ve been looking forward to this interview with you because you are a kindred spirit! And I’m just so excited because…do you remember when we first met?

Michelle: Yes.

Becky:  Do you remember that it was in Israel, right?

Michelle: Yeah.

Becky:  Yeah.  And we were speaking for, was it Empowered21?  And we were doing this is on the day of Pentecost.  Wow!  When was that? 

Michelle:  It was, I think, 2014.

Becky:  Actually it was 2015.  Anyway, it was the 70th anniversary of Israel, I think it was.  Okay.  So, anyway, I met you, and I mean immediately, we just hit it off.  And so, I’ve been excited.  We stayed in connection ever since. And since then I’ve even had you come and speak at one of my conferences here in the United States, my annual leadership [conference].  And the more we got to know each other, the more exciting it was.

So, I want you to tell everybody just a little bit. You’re an American missionary who has lived your whole life in El Salvador and Argentina, right? Kind of bring us up to speed on that, okay?

Living in El Salvador since childhood

Michelle:  Yeah, I moved to El Salvador as a little girl.  And my parents began a ministry there, King’s Castle Ministries, where we work with, like a focus on children and youth.  And here in Argentina, we’ve been here, I don’t know now.  I can’t even remember how long we’ve been here.  But, in total, we as a family, me and my husband, we will have been missionaries for 20 years.

Becky: You look too young for that!  But I know that you actually have children that are teenagers already.

Michelle:  Yup!

Becky:  And so, yeah.  Wow!.  Twenty years!  Michelle, where does time go, huh? 

Michelle:  I don’t know. I have a senior this year!

Becky:  I know.  So, what happened was, you worked with your dad most of your life.  Was that the deal? 

Michelle:  Yeah.

Becky:  And he trained you up in the King Castle, which we’re going to have you share a little bit about how Castle Ministry.  Because you guys are like in what, 29 different nations, around the world now?

Michelle:  Yes.

Becky:  Okay.  So, we’re going to want to know a little bit about that.  But tell me a little bit more about growing up with your dad and what you learned from him.  And then you and your husband launched out and did another branch in Argentina.

Her Dad Walked in Simple Faith

Michelle:  Yes.  Okay, so, yeah.  I grew up learning from my dad.  My dad is a crazy faith believer that believes that everything and anything is possible.  And I’m a fourth-generation pastor and third-generation missionary. We’ve always grown up knowing that God can do anything.  And my dad has trained us by like, you learn as you go. 

As you experience, you learn how to operate in the supernatural.  As you begin to walk, you learn how to do miracles and see what God can do.  And as you walk in faith, it gets contagious.  And you just want more.  And so, as a kid, I just remember my dad just kinda believing.  He’s like, “Well, try this!” And we would try it and walk and practice.  And you know I just I think that we just learned by walking alongside him and saw the miracles happen.  We, when we first moved to El Salvador it was during the war.  And we learned a lot about praying a hedge of protection around us and God was always faithful and…

Becky: That’s right!  Wait!  Okay, I remember this part of the story now. I mean, you’re literally talking war in El Salvador.

Michelle:  Yeah.

Becky:  Okay, I mean, like your lives are in danger kind of war.  Was it drug cartels or what was going on there? 

Michelle:  Well, it was a civil war and it had been going on for 13 years.  And my family, we decided to move there right in the middle of it.  And a lot of people felt my parents were insane, taking three little girls into the war.  But my dad, as he was starting his ministry, he would hug and say, “I love you.  I don’t know if I’ll come home tonight. But I have to go visit the people. I want to go be with the people.”  And then, every day he did that for a year.  And then the Lord just gave him favor amongst the pastors and the ministry started growing.  And then as I I went off to college and came back, and I came to El Salvador with my husband.  And we kept on learning under my dad.

Becky:  And what kinds of things did you learn?

First Steps in the Supernatural Life

Michelle:  We learned how to operate in the supernatural.  We learned how to believe God that everything was possible.  I remember seeing my first miracle.  I was fifteen. The first miracle that just stands out in my mind.  And I was at a deaf-mute school, and the Lord just said, “If you put them in a circle and get them to say the name of Jesus, I will heal them.” And I kept thinking, “How do I do that?  How do I tell them to get in a circle say Jesus?”  But I remember doing that, and I remember to the end about nine deaf mutes began to say, “Jesus.” For me that was, like, “Oh, my word! 

Becky:  Wow!   

Michelle:  Nine people hear and speak for the first time!  And that was one of the moments when I’m going, “Oh, my word!  This is fun!”

Becky:  Wow!  Okay but wait.  Because when your dad started this ministry, even though his focus was on kids, he really didn’t have a grid for kids walking in the supernatural.  Now you’re talking about a story when you were fifteen.  But what happened when you and your sisters were little that helped your father understand children can operate in the supernatural?

Michelle: Well, he just began to experiment.  And I think, I’m the oldest of the three, so with me it was all, “Let’s go tell people about Jesus.”  And we were very evangelistic, and the whole ministry was evangelistic based.  And we would go out and see, I remember seeing tracts, the Lord multiply tracts and multiply resources.  My dad would always say, “Put your hand in the bag, and don’t look down!  Just keep reaching so we can keep passing it out!”  And we just kinda learn as we go. 

And then I think with each one of my sisters, my dad experienced a little bit more and a little bit more. And I remember, with my youngest sister, they went to a girls home, a teenage, like, juvenile center, and were ministering.  And I remember this story.  I wasn’t with them on this trip and this time, but my sister.  This demon possessed girl start darting towards my sister and saying really mean things. 

And my sister goes, “In the name of Jesus, I bind your mouth!”  And  the girl keeps walking toward her, but with her mouth shut. And then she goes, “I bind your arms!”  And she’s literally feeling bound by her arms and she’s still, like, still charging towards my sister.  And she’s like, “I bind all of you!”  And the girl falls down, and until Liz, my little sister, — she was probably eight years old– and she was just like learning how to, you know, use the power of God to bind the demons and set people free. 

My goodness!  Liz has a ton of stories that she’s bringing her as a little girl that I got to hear later.  I think my dad just kinda learned with each kid a little bit more. And it was pretty exciting to hear all the stories!

Becky:  Absolutely!. So, over the years your dad developed this ministry called King’s Castle,

Michelle: Yeah.

King’s Castle – and Oasis in a Spiritual Desert

Becky:  Correct?  It was, and I mean literally, he built a King’s Castle.  It’s actually a castle that he built in El Salvador.  And what does he use the property for?  Because there’s more buildings than just the castle.  You now have  dormitories, lunch rooms, and classrooms and a big auditorium.  Much has been built on that.  But it started out with the castle.  Tell us a little bit about that.

Michelle:  Yeah.  Well, my dad wanted to be able to take kids who have grown up with in really poor communities.  He wanted them to be able to experience a little bit of paradise.  In the beginning, the campground was called The Paradise of the King, and he wanted kids, underprivileged kids, and kids and growing up in the slums to be able to see a bit of paradise before heaven.  And what started out as a campground for kids to experience something a little bit better than their community.  And just to give them hope and rebuild their identity and their purpose.

But then it began to begin to be used as a training center, to train youth to reach the children, because he needed an army to be able to reach the kids.  And so, he has a school of leadership for youth to be able to reach the kids.  And year-round it’s being used, for different kinds of trainings and camps, to be able to pour into the generations, really.  A bunch of kids I’ll give you– not just teenagers– it’s like the families and the generations– to be able to walk and operate in the Supernatural and get hope.

Becky:   Yeah.  And so, I remember some of the stories.  Your dad invited me down a couple of years ago to teach in your school.  You actually have a school.  You have camps all summer long.  Even rent out the campgrounds and all.  But your school is like my school.  My school is all virtual.  It’s all online and on MP4 and things like that, but you have a literal school where people attend for X number of months or whatever, and you literally teach them to walk in the supernatural power of God.  And your goal is to teach kids to do that just like I teach kids to do that in my ministry, is that right?

Michelle:   Yes.

Becky:  Okay.  So, tell us a little bit more about that part.  The part about teaching kids to walk in the supernatural power of God.

Street Kids in Argentina

Michelle:  Well, in Argentina, and within Latin America, we work mainly with kids you would call them street kids.  Most of them do not have a house to go home to.  Most of them do have a reality that isn’t very bright.  And first, we go in and we tell them about Jesus.  And as they understand about who Jesus is, we teach them about who they are, as sons and daughters of the king that they are chosen, predestined, and have a purpose, that God wants to use them.

And once we are able to minister that, because it is very important that they understand their identity.  Because understanding their identity, they are able to operate in the giftings that God has given to them.  And so, we have seven levels of a program called Castle Club, and we work through the different stages.  The first one is identity.  They have to learn who they are and understand how to serve.  That we aren’t just on the earth to be, like, giving orders.  We need to learn how to serve and have a Bible in our hand.  And be able to sweep the floors and clean up our messes, but still be able to preach.  We want kids to develop character with their identity. And we want them to know how to serve their community, their church.  And then they go through this program, learning how to conquer their fears, conquer the doubts, conquer what the enemy has set lies upon their lives.  And they begin to cut through that as they walk in their identity. 

And then we minister the baptism in the Holy Spirit. And once they understand their identity and you put it with understanding the doctrine of who the Holy Spirit is, what the power is for and they get filled with the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues, empowered by the Holy Spirit, which a lot of people think that that is the mountaintop. I said that’s the gateway.

Becky:  Yes!

Michelle:  You have to be able to get through that gateway to see what else there is for them to walk in.

Becky:  Amen, sister!

Teaching the Kids the Basics

Michelle:  They open the door of the supernatural, believing who they are, believing who God is, walking in the empowerment of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  And then we teach them how to operate in signs and wonders, understanding that signs and wonders will follow those who believe.  And as they begin to walk in this, we teach them about practicing.  I think a lot of people think you just, “Okay, you got it! You know how to do the prophetic.  You know how to heal.  Okay.”  But there’s just practicing.  Nobody learns how to ride a bike without practicing.  A little baby can’t learn to walk without falling. And you have to have that time to practice and have teachers around, parents around, to guide them as they’re learning to navigate through this.

And they’ll make mistakes.  They’ll say things that aren’t doctrinally sound, but we have to be able to keep them [learning] how to operate.  And so a lot of it is practicing. We’ll take them to the streets to practice and to not get discouraged when they don’t see the miracles so that God will use them.  To just keep practicing.  And I think that’s a lot of it.  They just go out and they have time every weekend to go practice what we’re learning.  And so, they’re putting into practice everything they believe. 

So, they have the head knowledge, understanding their doctrine, and understanding what the theology says, what the Bible says.  They have the heart encounter, where they learn what the Holy Spirit can do when the power of God builds in them and through them, and then they have the hand part where they put into practice everything they’ve learned everything they’ve encountered.  They have time to put it into practice.  And that’s where it gets fun because then they get to put their faith into action instead of just being some nice thoughts or some nice doctrine or borrowed testimonies from people.  They get to go find their own.

Becky:  Yeah.  Michelle, I am so excited!  You’re getting me… it’s like, okay, we’re doing this in the evening.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  Because you’re getting me stirred up and excited. But I just want to confirm that  you are actually doing this in both El Salvador ,and now you and your husband are doing the exact same thing in Argentina.  So, this has begun to spread, and it’s not just you.  You’ve got other people.  Don’t you have another sister that’s in…….

Michelle:   Yes. Nicaragua.

Miracles in Nicaragua Too!

Becky:  Nicaragua.  That’s right.  And so I imagine she’s got stories of her own, too.  And so then, you’re in 29 other nations.  So what you’re saying is this the same formula, if we can call it that, the same structure, the same pattern is being used to train kids like this all over the world.  Am I understanding correctly?

Michelle:  Yes.

Becky:  Okay.  Alright. Continue on. I just had to clarify that for our audience.

Michelle:  Yeah.  So, it’s exciting to see kids understand who they are.  I know that right now the world is confusing the children with their identity.  And right now I feel like it’s so important.  And as soon as I understand…And you know a lot of people are like, “How do you get them to do the miraculous?”  Well, kids, you know, the only limits that kids are usually the parents or the teachers that are limiting what they are going to do.  And so, when these kids can walk with the freedom that God has given them, and operate in childlike faith and childlike wonder, and take stuff, you know, entering into this, it’s just it’s exciting to see God come alive in their heart.  And they cannot ever doubt that they don’t see God move.

Becky:  That’s right.  Alright.  So, we need to pause here because… and start telling some of the stories.  Because that’s what we want to hear.  We want to hear the testimonies.  We want to hear the fruit.  We wanted to hear exactly what has– I mean,– this part so far has been dynamic, and I’m right with you.  I do this in a different way. Yes, I do go out and hold conferences. 

But I’m not with the kids all the time. I used to be a children’s pastor.  But at that time I was actually growing and developing my own philosophy and my own skills in those early days.  I didn’t have it down pat. I didn’t have a dad to follow, to show me how to do this.  So, I had to figure it out on my own with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

But what really bonded me to you, Michelle, was when we were in Israel together.  Because the goal there was to inspire– there were four thousand people that came in for that Pentecost conference– and there were a hundred and fifteen nations that came to that.  The purpose of you and I, and I think four or five other missionaries that came in, was to inspire them that kids could walk in Pentecost.  Kids could walk in the supernatural power of God.  And you began to tell stories that I have never forgotten.  And now I tell some of your stories in my own services, Michelle, because they’re so awesome.  And I want you to start with the one with the boys who went out to heal the sick, and they ran across a little boy who was missing some fingers.  Okay?

Growing Out Fingers and Toes!

Michelle:  Yeah. I told you I was talking to a whole bunch of different people to get this the facts straight today.  But this group of kids went to pray for the sick in this community, and they came across this little kid without three fingers.  And they were convinced that God could grow those fingers.  They are just heard from their leader that everything was possible, that God could do anything, and that God could use them to do the miraculous.  And they kept praying and believing that God would grow the fingers.  Just then they were praying, and they began to see them grow.  They began to pray louder and with more strength and passion.  And they were growing out, and the Lord grew three fingers back. And the kids were so excited to see that happen!

Becky:  Wait, wait!  Just a minute.  Because the way I remember the story is that God grew two fingers back, and the third one didn’t grow.

Michelle:  Yes.  Yeah, yeah.  I started interviewing a whole bunch of kids this week, and I wanted to find the right story.  They told me that you’re right.  Only two grew out completely, but the one grew a little bit.  When I was talking to them, I asked him about the fingers growing back, and they asked, “Which time?” And I said, “What do you mean?  Which time?”  I guess it happened two times.  The same kids saw fingers grow out, and so that was pretty cool.

Becky:  So, tell me, how old were they the first time this happened, and how old are they today?

Michelle:  They were 9 when it happened, and that was about 10 years ago.  So they’re nineteen.

Becky:  Okay.  So they’re teenagers.  Still walking with the Lord?  Still operating in the supernatural? 

Michelle:  Yeah. 

Becky:  See, that’s the testimonies that we want to hear.  We want to hear that this stayed with them.  That it wasn’t just temporary while they were kids.  It was just a passing fancy.  But this actually took root in their lives, and that they are still walking in the supernatural power of God today.  Amen?  Alright.  So go ahead.

Michelle:  Yeah.  One of them is getting ready to be a missionary in Bolivia. 

Becky:  Wooo!

Missing Ears and Hair Grow out!

Michelle:  Yeah, and as I was talking to them, they were telling me the story of this one kid praying for this man.  The man was missing part of his ear, and it was like a [birth] defect, and the ear was, like, closed shut.  And as they began to pray for the ear to open up, the man felt the ear form in his hand.  He felt the ear grow underneath his hand.  And he moved his hand,  and the guy had an ear!  He was telling me that story today.

Becky:  No!!!  But, wait!  This means that your kids are not just operating in the gift of healing.  They’re operating in miracles.

Michelle: Yeah.

Becky:  Wow! 

Michelle:  And they’re really incredible stories!  And this other kid started telling me the story of of them–this was last summer– and these kids were praying for some people.  And one of them had gone through chemotherapy and had no hair.  And as they began to pray for them–the person had pain in their body—and the pain left, and they saw hair growing back!  And that reminded me of a story of when I was a teenager, an older teenager, I prayed for someone with a bald head after going through chemo.  And they had a hat on.  And I prayed and the hair grew back, and the hat fell on the floor.  It was really cool how I remembered that story.  You think you won’t forget these stories, but you do!

Becky:  Well, the thing is, in your case, you got so many of them!  See, I’m really jealous of you.  Because we get testimonies, and we have some pretty powerful testimonies in our ministry.  But because I’m not with kids personally anymore, I’m depending on my other leaders around the world, you know, to really share with me.  And I just have to take it by faith that they’re catching the vision, and that  they’re doing what we trained them to do.  So, what we’re hearing is just little bits and pieces.  You’re out there all the time, and I’m jealous of you!  I think it’s powerful!

Crippled Woman Healed!

Michelle:  Yeah, and it’s a lot of fun to see kids experiencing miracles.  And it’s fun to see them see their first miracle.  My daughter–when we are living in Costa Rica for language school– we went into a jungle, and we went door-to-door asking if anyone had anything they want us to pray for.  And we knocked on one door, and my daughter was sick at the time.  A little kid answers the door and said, “Why don’t you pray for my mom.”  And she was in a wheelchair.  And you know, as an adult you’re going, “Uhh, doesn’t anyone have a cough?  We’re looking for a headache!”

Becky:  Yeah!  Yeah!

Michelle: My daughter Lexi’s like, “I want to pray for the lady in the wheelchair!”  And I’m going, “Of course, you do!”  And, so, I remember that she went up and prayed for the lady and we saw nothing.  And we’re going, “Oh!” So, we leave.  And as we get to the next door and knock on the door, the little kid comes running, and goes, “You gotta see my mom!  She’s jumping on the couch!’  So, we went back, and the lady’s jumping all over the place and jumping up and down.  And my daughter says, “See!  I told you the Lord would heal her!”  It was really cool because we did an outdoor crusade.  And the lady’s whole family came.  And several of the members got saved because of that spectacle of a little girl praying,  A lady in the wheelchair got healed, and people came to know Jesus.

Becky:  Unbelievable!  That is absolutely fantastic!  I know you’re just full of these stories. You said that, when I was with you a couple years ago in El Salvador teaching for your dad.  The last day of the conference (I was exhausted.  You guys wore me out!).  And you were going to go out with a bunch of kids that day.  You were going to be out all day long in the streets, ministering to people, evangelizing, and praying for the sick, and all the rest of it.  I was just too tired to go along with you because it was going to be all day long.  I’m thinking, “Oh, my goodness!  I’m not as young as I used to be!”  But anyway, you came back and started telling me stories, Michelle.  And it absolutely blew me away!

Do you remember those stories?  Because one of the stories that I remember (and there was a whole bunch of stuff), but one of the stories I remember was something about a witch.  Do you remember that?

A Warlock Gets Set Free!

Michelle:  Yeah, and it’s really cool when kids operate in the supernatural.  But it’s really cool when an adult starts understanding what God can do.  And, usually, the adults start learning when the kids start getting excited.  And so we were with kids and adults, but we went to this one community.  And they asked us to go pray in the house and that’s kind of crazy.  But we went in the house with adults, not just kids.  And the guy started saying that he was one of the major warlocks in the community.  He was telling all these stories that were kind of creepy.  The Lord just began to give words of knowledge to the kids and to the leaders that were there.  They began to just say, “Are you doing this? Have you done this?”   And the guy is like, “How do you know so much about me?”  And they’re like, “It’s not us.  God knows.”  So, the Lord began to put the nuggets of truth in the kids’ hearts to talk to this guy.  And the guy, he started weeping and he was getting tormented.  They prayed over him.  They actually had him destroy all of the things that he used to do witchcraft.  And they were there, and they were, like, nervous, but, at the same time, full of the authority of God.  And they saw God move in a powerful way.

And I remember we went to go talk to some gang members.  And one of the leaders that was with me goes, “Michelle, I want to operate in the supernatural.  I want a word of knowledge.”  And I said, “Okay. I want you to pray real quick, and then go talk to the gang members.  And I don’t want you to do anything that you would normally do.  I want you to pray, ask for a word, and go.”  And it was just really cool, because all of a sudden, this guy started talking to them and he’s trying to get their attention.  And they were just, like, not even answering,  And then, all of a sudden. The guy starts talking goes, “Edwin!   I’m telling you to listen to me!”  And the guy says, “How did you know my name?”  And this is really cool!  And then the guy said, “ I can’t believe I just said that!” And so he singled him out, and they start praying.  And because the Lord had given him that word of knowledge, then he was able to win that guy to Jesus.  And there were so many testimonies that day.  There was a lot!

Becky:  Did he renounce his witchcraft and all that kind of stuff then?

Michelle:  Yes!

Becky:  Amazing!  Amazing!  Okay, come on!  You’re feeding my vision here.  

Miracles in the Mountains!

Michelle: I was preaching at a camp in El Salvador.  And a lady had come forward– one of the kids’ leaders came up forward– and she had a rib that was deformed.   It literally stood out.  The rib cage was like, weird, deformed.  And as we began, I told some kids to go pray for the lady.  And as they began to pray for the lady, they felt in their hands, all their faces are Huh!??!?–because they felt the ribs move back into place.  And they were like, “Oh, my goodness!”  And that was really cool!

My daughter, last summer, was in El Salvador.  And they had been asked to go to this community of the top of a mountain.  And she’s like, “I can’t go all the way to the top of a mountain!  What is there’s nobody there!”  Their team went to the top of the mountain.  There was just one family.  And they had a baby in their arms was covered in this like, it was like bites, but they have been infected.  And they were just like really, really, really all over the place and really scary looking.  And as my daughter begins to sing over her, all of the the bites are disappearing.  And my daughter was like, “Oh, my goodness!  They’re disappearing!”  And she was really, really excited.

And one time with my  son.  I mean, I teach kids to operate in the supernatural.  But I teach my kids, too. And my son–we were in the states last year at Chick-fil-A– and I remember he’s like, “I wanna see a miracle at Chick-fil-A!”  And so we were praying.  And he’s like, “Lord, give me a word of knowledge for the lady with the neck problem.”  And so we go, and she was an employee there.  And we go and we say, “Can we pray for you?”  And we began to pray for her.  And my friend began to pray for her that she’d be healed.  And, all of a sudden, the Lord heals her, at Check-fil-A.  That was pretty cool!

Becky:  No kidding!

Bones Snap into Place!

Michelle: And there was a lady that–I’m reading my notes here–There was this other church service that we went to.  And a lot of times I go with the big team. Sometimes I’m alone with my family.  And so, I’ll call up all the kids and the teenagers to be my prayer team, and line them up.   The kids that I have never even met before.  And so, I’m lining them up, and I just said, “Do you believe Jesus can use you?”  Then I have the people come up. And the kids are going, like, “Oh, my word!”  But this one seven-year-old prays for her dad.  Her dad’s back was out of alignment.  It had been out of alignment, and the little seven-year-old begins to pray for her dad.   And, all of a sudden, they heard the bones snap back in place.  And the little girl was, like, freaked out!  And the dad goes, “Did you hear that?  Did you hear that?” It was really cool to see God just do that.

And I was talking to this girl today.  I said, “When did you see your first miracle?”  And she said, “I was sick.”  And I said, “What did you do?”  And she said, “I prayed with my grandpa.  He would always take me to learn how to for the sick.”  And she said, “I that I prayed for this deaf mute, this lady was a deaf mute, the lady got healed!”  And she’s like, “I believe God can do anything!”  And she’s on my staff.  And she’s really funny! and she told me this week that a neighbor of hers came by and said that his son had died.  And I go, Oh, my goodness!”

And I kept thinking that she was going to tell me that she went and prayed for him and the guy was raised from the dead.  And she went to go pray for him, and she thought, “What would Michelle do?”  And she thought, “She would pray for him to healed, and to stand up, and to be alive.”  And I said, “Did he stand up?!  And she said, “No.”  I asked, “How many dead people have you prayed for?”  And she said, “Six.”  And I said, “Thank you for going to pray for the sick.  Because that takes a lot to know that Jesus can do it. And whether He does it right in front of you or doesn’t, God can still get the glory. 

Becky: That’s right.  I’ll tell you what!  I’ll tell you what!  You’re never going to raise the dead unless you try.

Michelle:  Yup.

Becky:   You know.  So, kudos to that person for even having the boldness to try it!

Mute Woman Speaks!

Michelle:   Yup.  And this other story that I heard today.  This team, they were so fired up to go pray for miracles.  And they just believed.  And right before they went, one of the kids got sick and had to go to the hospital.  And they were like, “No!  In the name of Jesus!”  And the Lord healed the kid, and he got to go on the trip to go find miracles.  And they went to the streets to go do some programs on the streets–a festival of evangelism– and these kids are so excited, and they saw a lady in a wheelchair.  And they were like, “Oh, my goodness!  We’re going to pray for her!”  And the leader of the teams said the same thing I said, “Oh, my goodness!”  You started thinking, “Yes, God can do anything.”  But the kids are sure of it.  That’s why it’s so fun. 

So they go up to this lady, and they are praying, and the leader (she was telling me this story today) said, “ I was just upset because the lady was not responsive at all.  And kids are like, praying and weeping, and worshipping the Lord, and nothing!”  And the leader goes, “Why are you saying anything?  You need to be praying, asking God to heal you!  Why aren’t you saying anything?”  And there was no response.  “And I was getting so angry!  You’ve got to say, “I want to be healed!  Say it”  And then she hears the voice saying, “I want to be healed.”  And she says, “Say it louder!”  And she goes, “I want to be healed!”  And all of a sudden, the family members started running over there.  And the leader goes, “What does this lady have?” And as she is talking to the family members, the kids get the lady to stand up.  And they have her walking back and forth.  And, all of a sudden, one of the family members tells the leader, “My mom hasn’t spoken in years!   

Becky:  Oh, my!

Michelle:  She had a stroke, and hasn’t been able to speak for years!”  So, you’re asking the Lord for a miracle!  And the actual first miracle was she saying, “I want Jesus to heal me! “ And so,  that was just a crazy story!  And then, the leader told me, “I felt so embarrassed!  Because I didn’t know if I had known the problem if I would have been so bold in saying “speak!” I just thought that was a pretty cool teaching moment to say, you know, childlike faith–we need it and we need to just be able to have that boldness to speak!

Becky:  That’s incredible!  Give me a couple or more stories, and then I have some questions for you. 

A Disappointing 99 Miracles!

Michelle: Oh!  There’s so many stories!  This happened, just in January.  We were in Honduras before this coronavirus quarantine.  We were up in Honduras with a group of kids.  And they just wanted to see miracles!  It was a group of kids from El Salvador, from Peru, from all different places.  And they were praying, and they did a miracle crusade. And there was this lady who had cataracts on her eyes.  I literally saw the cataracts disappear.  And the lady was able to see.  There was another one that had just had an operation on here clavicle bone, and it was actually kind of swollen still.  They began to pray.  The pain went away, and the swelling went down.  And there was a miracle after miracle happening.  And it was just so cool to see the kids. 

Becky:  And this is not inside the four walls of the church.  This stuff is happening out on the streets.

Michelle Yeah.

Becky:  Okay.  Would you say that that’s a key issue right there?

Michelle:   Yeah. 

Becky:   That you take kids out on the streets.  That’s where the miracles happen.

Michelle:  Yes. We see a lot of miracles on the street.  We see them in the church services, as well, but it’s really cool when the kids start getting activated.  Last year I took a team to Brazil.  We had 38 kids.  When I say kids, they’re like 9 to 14, preteens and teens.  We took them on the streets of Brazil.  I just challenged them the first day.  Okay, you have two days to find a hundred miracles.  They were so stressed out because I was there, and I gave him their first speech, and then I was them for that first day and then I left to go visit some other teams.  I think it was three days. 

I came back on the last day and I said, “Kids, did you find the hundred miracles?”  And they were like, “Michelle, we’ve seen deaf ears open, we saw a guy that was blind see, we saw a guy stand up that hadn’t been able to walk in a year.  But we only saw 95!  We couldn’t get to a hundred!”  And I was going, “95!  95’s pretty good!  And they were so bummed that they didn’t get to that hundred mark!  That part was really cool!  Because they were just so motivated!  I have a group of kids right now that are using Instagram to do healing services.

Becky:  No way!

Michelle: And I was a guest speaker on their Instagram show the other day.  And they were like, “Okay, Michelle.  Let’s pray for the sick.”  Then we started praying for the sick on Instagram and we saw ten people get healed.

Becky:  No way!

God Moves through Zoom Meeting!!!

Michelle:  I was just in a Zoom meeting in Ecuador on Saturday.  We saw the Holy Spirit begin to move through the screen.  It was really unreal.  And then we began to pray and ask God to heal the sick.  And we saw we saw all kinds of pain relieved.  It was just an incredible time.

I just wanted to share one more story.  I minister a lot to children’s workers, as well.   This was a story that I had a word of knowledge on a lady that had leg pain.  I just began to pray for her, and the Lord showed me that she had one leg longer than the other.  Then I just began to pray for the lady, and the lady’s leg starts growing out!  And I was getting excited like, “Thank you, Jesus!”  And as soon as I said, “Thank You, Jesus,” She goes, “No-o-o-o-o-o-o-!”  And then I’m going, “Oh!   Who do you need to forgive?”  I just felt this in my heart that there was something that needed to be forgiven. 

And the leg literally starts going the other way.  It starts shrinking back.  And I’m like, “Uh-uh!”  And so we began to pray, and I found that this lady had been abused as a six-year-old girl, and now she’s in her seventies as a kid’s worker, has lost her family, lost her husband, lost everything because she couldn’t let go of the pain that she had been holding physically and spiritually.  And then she began to renounce that hatred, that anger, she began to see a miracle.  The Lord healed her, and she was able to stand up healed.  But I see so many different healings that happened that that are just like, you can’t even explain them.  And there’s so many kids who are having to learn how to operate in discernment and how to operate in the spiritual world.  And you begin to see that God has a plan and so does the devil.  And you begin to see the kids learning how to discern and walk in the supernatural as they experience it. 

Becky:  Michelle, we are going to  run out of time here soon.  And what I really want you to do is I want you to address the parents and the kids ministers who are watching this interview right now.  Because this is really great that you have been doing all this in in South America, Central America, and all.  But the truth is, that you and I, part of our role is to train other leaders to do what we do. That’s part of the apostolic call.  That’s part of the fivefold ministry call.  And so I need you to talk to children’s ministers and parents right now.  And tell them what do they need to do in their sphere to activate their kids.  Okay? So that they can get the same miracles that you and I get.

Michelle’s Encouragement to Parents & Kids Ministers

Michelle: Parents. Teachers. Pastors.  Leaders of churches of children.  You know, I really believe that anyone can see signs and wonders.  I believe there’s nothing special about me, other than I have a crazy amount of faith.  Because I walk and I talk, and I try to be as close to like Jesus as I can.  And I really believe, to be able to train your children to walk in the supernatural, you have to do it, too.  You can’t expect a generation to do something that you’re not willing to take risk and step out and obey the Lord.  He’s calling you to do it, too. 

If you want to see your kids operate in the supernatural, you have to operate in the supernatural.  If you want them to be whole and understand their identity, you have to understand your identity.  If you’re holding onto hate– if you’re holding on to pain– if you’re holding on to abuse– you’re going to pass that on to your kids.  And your kids aren’t going to be able to be free because you aren’t completely free.  I do kids trainings all the time, and I do leadership trainings all the time.   And every leadership training that I’ve done, I have somebody manifest. 

I have somebody begin to need inner healing real quick.  And it’s not surprising to me that sometimes I do trainings, and they need salvation. I’ve actually been training kids workers, and somebody gets saved, which is really an eye-opener to me.  I’m gonna say something.  You know, all of us need a place to know Jesus.  We need to have that intimacy with Jesus.  We need to know Him.   We need to hear his voice and operate in the supernatural.  If we want kids to walk like Jesus walked, we have to do it.  And how do we do it?  By reading our Bible, spending time with Jesus every morning or every evening.  And begin to learn the promises, learn the word of God.  And then it’s very easy. 

Bring Your Kids into This!

You have an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and you bring your kids into that.   A lot of times at home, we’ll be speaking in tongues as a family, and I’ll say, “Okay, what did you see?  What did you hear?”  And my kids know what they have to do.  My husband knows what we’re going to do.  And we all begin to write down what we’re seeing, what we’re hearing.  And then if it’s a word for somebody else, we give that word to the person.  But it all is  modeled by Mom and Dad or by the leadership of the church.  It’s all modeled by the teachers.  And if we want kids to walk in the supernatural, we need to show them by doing it alongside them. 

We can’t just say, “Do this, do that,” because we’re not showing them anything.  And I tell people all the time, you can borrow my testimony a few times, but then you need to go find your own testimonies.  Because God wants to use you!  He has called each one of us with a purpose. And the Bible talks about how we will walk in greater things.  Jesus said that.  We will walk in greater things than He did.  What did Jesus do?  He healed the sick.  He prayed for the lepers, and they were clean.  He prayed for the demon-possessed, and they were free.  If we want to see a generation of children know their identity, we need to know our identity!  We need to understand the theology of the Bible doctrine. We need to understand what we’re going to say.  And then we need to have that Holy Spirit encounter.  And then we gotta practice.

Becky:  Okay.  I hate to interrupt you, but I’m looking at the clock here.  So, here’s what I know, Michelle.  So that the people understand that everything that you’re doing in South America and Central America, it’s all in Spanish.  If there’s Latinos, if there’s Spanish-speaking people right now who are listening to us, I’m going to put links to your ministry below in the description box directly so that they can get in touch with you.  And they can say I heard you on Becky Fischer’s show, or whatever.  But what about the English speakers?  We can help them in America.  It’s not exactly the same, because you operate at a much different level because of where you’re at, and the type of ministry, street ministry and all.  But we can help with the training part of it.  But where can they go to get in touch with you in order to also get in part?  And are you looking for people to be a part of King’s Castle in various places around the world?

Michelle:  Yeah. Yeah.  We’re working on a whole bunch of different languages.  But like, you know, it takes a lot of work!

Becky: Yup.  We are like in 14 different languages right now.

Michelle:  Yeah.   

Becky:  Anyway, closing comments to these people before we go.  Okay?

Michelle:  Yeah.  And so we’re here in Argentina and most of the countries that work with Castle are in Spanish.  We do have we have a Facebook page where you can get more information or you can contact us directly.  We are in different parts of the world.  But we’re growing, we’re growing.  I really believe that if I was going to give you one word of advice, ti would be to practice.  Practice what you preach. 

Becky:  There you go.  That’s so incredible!  Michelle, I am so inspired about everything–the stories– just your enthusiasm– is contagious, and I just know that there’s going to be people who are just going to get fired up, whether they ever approach you or not.  Just know that there’s going to be lots of people that are going to be watching this.  And I thank you for spending time with us.  God bless you guys richly.  And we’re just, we’re both believing God that other people, other languages are going to catch the same vision that you and I have of equipping a generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God

Michelle:  Amen, amen, amen!

Becky:  Okay.  Thank you so much. 

Wow!  That certainly should have whetted your appetite to get started in a ministry like this today. 

The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry

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Finally, we have an entire set of teachings just for you parents to show you how to train your own children in the home called Revolutionary Family Ministry. How to be power houses for Jesus.   It’s set up so you can purchase just a few classes at a time, depending on your finances, or buy the entire course at a big discount.  So, visit our website today to learn more about it and how you can become a certified SSCM graduate.  Thanks for watching, and if you like this video, you’re going to love my other ones.  So just click on these images here to watch more.

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