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We love our African friends. Of all the continents, we have sent more people and spent more time in Africa than anywhere else besides the USA. We have KIMI Directors and KIMI bases for two nations, Burundi and Kenya. We have trained PowerClub leaders there as well as Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, DR Congo, Malawi, and Zambia.

Please note: We ask that you do not write to us asking for financial help or support, because we get dozens of requests that we cannot answer. We do not support any ministries anywhere that we do not have long-standing relationships with. If you want help with training, you must contact Pastor Paul Mwangi, in Kenya at

We have one KIMI curriculum translated into Kirundi, for Burundi, East Africa. It is what we call the Starter Pack, which is a collection of a couple of lessons out of each of our curriculums.)

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