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There are so many other Christmas curriculums for kids. Why do we need another one? Great Question!

There is so much more to the Christmas story than most children ever hear about. The power of the story lies in understanding the backdrop of bringing mankind to that unique moment in God’s timetable—the birth of Jesus.


Too often adults assume children cannot understand or do not care about things like the prophecies behind the story, or the meanings of the wise men’s gifts. We just assume all they are capable of handling is the surface details — the basic story itself.

We wanted to give children as much of the details as possible, for one big reason—to help them realize the profound prophetic, fascinating truths that resulted in the birth of Christ. We want them to walk away from these lessons knowing that Christ’s birth was not an accident, not coincidence, and not just a good story. We want them to see that it was proof that God’s Word was real, and can be trusted.

We want them to understand Jesus’ birth was a part of God’s bigger plan for mankind, and was an intricate part of His top secret Plan of Salvation. It’s important they are able to tie what the Old Testament prophets had to say to the details, to show how well-planned it really was. All of this is to deepen their faith in their God, His son, and the book we call the Bible.

5 Unique Prophetic Lessons!

Lesson 1: Understanding Why He Came
Lesson 2: Understanding Who He Was
Lesson 3: Understanding the Prophecies
Lesson 4: Understanding His Birth
Lesson 5: Understanding the Wise Men’s Gifts

Included is a Special Christmas Play!
Bonus Packet of Lesson Aids
Multiple Object Lessons Ideas


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2 reviews for Understanding Christmas

  1. Joela Cosico

    Great teaching! Our kids will be blessed about the true essense of Christmas.

  2. Becky Fischer

    Heidi R. wrote on Facebook: I’ve already been using this started early this year so I can be finished by bring a gift of Jesus Sunday we have in our church on December 15. I’m amazed by your curriculum it has blessed our church tremendously.

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