SSCM Level 1: Children’s Ministry Basics Online

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Learn to lead a children’s ministry designed specifically for Pentecostal and Charismatic churches because of the emphasis on the Holy Spirit. They are started and led by individuals who desire to see children evangelized, filled with the Holy Spirit, grounded in the word of God, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, learning to hear God’s voice and be led by His Spirit, and becoming active, functioning members in the body of Christ while they are still children.

$110 + $30 Enrollment Fee = $140.00
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This course has sixteen sessions, and one digital book, all designed to impart vision along with everything you need to know to lead a dynamic, spirit-led children’s service. You can take this online, which perfect for playing on any mobile device or computer. (For watching on a large screen TVs we recommend you purchase the DVD set for better image resolution. Click here for details.)

Each lesson comes with a test, and all the forms and information you need to start a PowerClub in your church, school, or neighborhood. The big advantage of taking the course online is that you are able to take your examinations online, and you get your grade immediately without having to send it in to an instructor to grade. Become a certified graduate!

PowerClubs are highly effective no matter the religious background or culture. It works with both Christian children, and those who do no come from Christian homes.

Topics include:

  • 1: Evaluating the Church & Her Children
  • 2: Kids as a Mission Field
  • 3: The New Wine Skin of Children’s Ministry
  • 4: How to Bring Kids into the Presence of God
  • 5: Children & the Holy Spirit
  • 6: The Tabernacle Pattern of Children’s Ministry™
  • 7: Understanding Children & Worship
  • 8: How to Prepare Your Lesson
  • 9: Creative Teaching Ideas
  • 10: Creative Use of Drama
  • 11: Reaching the Heart of a Child through Games
  • 12: Discipline Can Be Fun
  • 13: Kids & the Bible
  • 14: Preschoolers & God
  • 15: Child Protection Policies
  • 16: PowerClubs: What they Are & How to Start One

$110 + $30 Enrollment Fee = $140.00

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