What the Prophets Are Saying – SSCM Level Two


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Speaker: Becky Fischer, Founder/Director of Kids in Ministry International
Well-respected Christian prophetic ministers gave a flood of prophetic words over the Millennial Generation through the 1980s-90s. But the last of the Millennials were born in approximately 2001. Since then by comparison, very few prophecies started coming out until the last couple of years. What are they saying now over this new generation? One of the new constant themes is “There’s a worldwide children’s revival that is coming!”

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(We do not ship DVDs internationally, including Canada. International customers must choose Download.)

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1 review for What the Prophets Are Saying – SSCM Level Two

  1. Becky Fischer

    Amy S. , SSCM Student: “So I’m sitting here weeping right now as the video ends with the shout “As one! ” Feeling the weight of the call and desire to see it come to pass, knowing there are things that need to be broken through. It’s so easy to get caught up in the activity of ministry and the rut of the familiar and move within the groove of what’s always been. But I have a team that sees beyond that. I’m just not sure we’ve been effectively heading in that direction yet. There’s so much more . I just want to see the hearts of our kids captured by God and full of passion for Him. Even in raising my own children, I was not successful in leading them that way and I am praying that God will capture their hearts.
    Thank you for the fresh commissioning. He spoke to me not long ago as I was at the altar with some of our children while they worship with the flags. It looked a little chaotic and part of me wanted to cringe and be concerned with what others were thinking. That old religious voice hissed at my neck, “They’re not worshiping.” But I resisted and heard God say very clearly and very seriously, “This is My army.” I began to weep and tremble. He’s serious about His army of children.”

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