Dreams Children & The Night Season: A Guide for Parents

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By Recie Saunders,

Dreams, visions, angelic visitations, prophecies, even nightmares: God is communicating with children and parents with each of these spiritual encounters, but are we helping them to listen or are we hindering them?

This gifted generation longs for spiritual truths and encounters. They are designed for kingdom activity and kingdom purposes. But we, the church as a whole, have not sought to understand the very God encounters that are a part of our biblical heritage. We are often uneducated, unaware, and unprepared to relate to a super-spiritual generation. This guidebook will reverse that trend.

Through biblical truths and real-life accounts, your eyes will be opened to the spiritual realities of dreams and visions. As well, these and other common questions will be answered:

* Are some dreams and visions really from God?
* Why do my children have nightmares and how do I help them?
* What is real and what is just my child’s imagination?
* Did my child really see Jesus, or was it an angel, or maybe a demon?
* How do I help my child understand what God is saying to them in their dreams?

With the biblical understanding and practical tools in this guide, parents and youth leaders can help children grow in spiritual insight and deeper relationship with their Father in heaven who is even now reaching out to them in their dreams and visions.

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About the Author:

recie saundersRecie Saunders served as the National Ministry Coordinator for Streams Ministries International. He was responsible for coordinating and equipping Streams Ministries’ regional overseers for national and international ministry events. Recie has exceptional experience in equipping local dream, prophetic, and power evangelism teams for church ministry outreach events. In his travels around the world, first as an instructor with John Paul Jackson’s Streams Ministries and currently as a member of Itinerant Ministry Team, he has trained thousands in the understanding of dreams and the supernatural.


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