Encounters in the Night



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Written by SSCM graduate, Stacey Linsalata

Dreams are a powerful way that God still speaks to His people today, including children. We need to understand how God is speaking to our children through dreams, visions, and other types of encounters.

Children will learn how to interpret their dreams from a biblical perspective. To our knowledge, this is a first of of it’s kind curriculum that teaches kids about dreams, dream interpretation, visions, imagination, overcoming nightmares, and lots more!

“For your whispers in the night give me wisdom, showing me what to do next.” Psalm 16:7 (The Passion Translation)

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Lesson Titles are:

Lesson 1—Created to Dream
Lesson 2—Finding the Source
Lesson 3—Joy of Journaling
Lesson 4—Right Responses
Lesson 5—Types of Dreams
Lesson 6—Visions and Visionaries
Lesson 7—Bridge to Our Dreams
Lesson 8—Bye, Bye Bad Dreams
Lesson 9—Unlocking the Mystery—Part 1
Lesson 10—Unlocking the Mystery—Part 2
Lesson 11—Becoming an End Time Dreamer
Lesson 12—Creating a Culture of Dreaming

133 Pages

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