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When God created the heavens and the earth, they were filled with His GLORY. When He made people, He crowned him with GLORY and honor. When mankind sinned, they fell short of the GLORY of God. When Moses met God on the mountain, his face shone from being in the GLORY. In the Tabernacle, the Shekinah GLORY of God filled the Holy of Holies. Moses cried out SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!

Some believe that the last move of God will be the move in GLORY of God. Because God Himself will show up and do whatever he wants to sovereignly. But He needs yielded vessels. People—adults and children who will cry out, “Use me! Send me! I don’t want to go unless I have your presence!”

This is the kind of generation we are raising. This is a generation who if we train them and raise them to be hungry for God, they will walk in this kind of power of the GLORY of God. This is a generation that will not be placated, and entertained.

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PLEASE NOTE: You can save money by buying the DVDs or the MP4s as a complete set. But if finances are an issue, remember, you can also buy and download one lesson at a time as you can afford it! Be sure to ask about becoming a certified graduate, however, which means you will want to enroll in advance of starting the course. To enroll to become certified, download this set of forms (click here) and return them to our office at

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