The New Wine Skin of Children’s Ministry



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Speaker: Becky Fischer

Is it possible the Church as a whole has been operating under a 200 year old wineskin in ministry to children, and we didn’t know it? Is there anything different that the Spirit of God might be saying about a reaching a new generation? Come and learn about three critical areas each church needs to consider to make the needed shift to capture the heart of a new generation, for Christ, in the 21st century. This will include a new viewpoint on what it means to feed kids spiritually, equipping them for the work of the believer’s ministry, as talked about in the New Testament, and making sure they have their own personal experiences with God which is critical for their spiritual growth and health. Without an encounter with God we are in danger of giving them religion with no relationship.

DVDs – $8.95
MP4 Video Download – $5.95

Australian Customers Please buy here: KIMI Australia

PLEASE NOTE: You can save money by buying the DVDs or the MP4s as a complete set. But if finances are an issue, remember, you can also buy and download one lesson at a time as you can afford it!

Be sure to ask about becoming a certified graduate, however, which means you will want to enroll in advance of starting the course. To enroll to become certified, download this set of forms (click here) and return them to our office at

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