Preschoolers in His Presence Visual Kit – SAVE $100!

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By Becky Fischer

It’s never too early to begin teaching children how to hear God’s voice, pray effective, develop a heart for the lost, enjoy worship, and love the Bible with the Preschoolers in His Presence curriculum. And if any group of children learn visually, it’s kids ages 3 – 5 years of age. These object lessons in the Preschoolers in His Presence Visual Kit will make your job so much easier when teaching the littlest of the saints. You will use them year after year as you repeat these teachings.

Curriculum is not included. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Preschoolers in His Presence Visual Kit

In the Preschoolers in His Presence curriculum you will find:

* 104 Powerful Bible Verses
* 104 Dynamic 5 Minute Lessons
* 8 Suggestions for Creating “God-Centers”
* 104 Suggestions for Experiencing God

The ‘Preschoolers in His Presence’ curriculum is a vital tool that will assist leaders in teaching little ones to encounter God. Some think preschoolers are too young to understand these concepts, but you will see after using this curriculum, they are capable of amazing spiritual exploits. The teachings in each GOD CENTER are presented in small bite sizes that they will easily understand.

Testimonies about Preschoolers in His Presence

“At the beginning of worship we tell them ‘God wants to speak to you’ and after worship, we always ask them ‘who heard from God?’ One little girl (4yrs old) recently answered, “God said, He’s going to wrap me in His presence.” I feel privileged that God has entrusted these little ones into my care and want to give them the best. Thank you, Becky, for giving us the BEST curriculum!” Adrianna, Australia

“Preschoolers in His Presence is an awesome curriculum. I use it in my own home with my 2-year-old. It’s so natural for them the hear the voice of God. The other day we had some prayer and a moment of quiet, then I asked her if God said anything to her, she said “Yes!” He said, “Take my Joy.” How wonderful for a 2-year-old to hear something like that for herself from God.” Torry, Texas

Designed to be supplemental teaching to your regular Bible story curriculums, these short lessons will show you how to take your preschoolers into the supernatural presence of God! There is as much as a year’s worth of material depending on how you set up and incorporate you “God Centers” (see explanation below) on a weekly basis.

(Sorry. No International orders. Available only in the U.S.)

What’s Included in the Visual Kit:

Reversible caterpillar/butterfly
16″ wooden cross
Clown ears
Flexible toy Lamb
Jesus Clothes for Ken doll
Dozen mini bottles of bubbles
Plastic king’s crown
Dozen badges of authority
Toy handcuffs
Plastic sword
Dozen cardboard swords
Toy Rocket
Toy stethoscope & doctor kit
Toy whip
Plastic ball and chain
Army helmet
Dozen small readable Bibles
Pattern for child size Jesus costume



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