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Alicia White, Chosen Stones Ministries
Graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, and former KIMI Ohio Director

In the recent years family ministry has become a “buzz” word within the children’s ministry community in response to the understanding that the family must be addressed in the church. However, although there is nothing wrong with family fun nights, bowling parties, and movie nights, this is not what our family ministry is about. Although fun in its own right, presence-driven family ministry addresses the spiritual aspects of the family according to the blueprint and heart of God set before us in His word.


The paradigm of presence-driven family ministry I am about to share with you in this book is not meant to replace your children’s ministry or certainly not adult ministry. It is meant to be its own separate arm of children’s ministry where the focus is completely centered around family. It is to be an intentional effort to host regular family gatherings or services that engage both kids and parents into the presence of God, the deep word of God, and gifts of God through a unique paradigm and blueprint.


In this book you will find God’s heart for the generations, how the family entity fits into God’s Kingdom plan, vision casting as to why presence-driven family ministry is so important and desperately needed in the body, the benefits and fruit of this type of ministry, and a step by step blueprint on how to start and pursue presence-driven family ministry in your church. If you are willing to come along on this journey with me, I promise your families, your children’s ministry, and your church, will never be the same!
Paperback, 134 pages
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