My Super Powers: Gifts of the Spirit 4-6


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by Dan McCollam

Join various children from around the world in exploring how the gifts of the Spirit from First Corinthians chapter 12 can be activated in the life of a child.

Book 4: Gifts of Healing
In Gifts of Healing, Raji discovers, through the miracles of Jesus, the power of healing prayer. Does God still heal the sick? Will God heal his hurt friend?

Book 5: Working of Miracles
In Working of Miracles, Tambre discovers that God really does still do miracles. As her mom recounts to her miracle after miracle from the Bible, Tambre receives the faith to believe for her own miraculous God intervention.

Book 6: Gift of Prophecy
Prophecy in its simplest form is hearing what God is saying and sharing it with others. In Gift of Prophecy, a day at the beach triggers Asia’s understanding that God really does speak to people. God’s thoughts outnumber the sands of the seashore, and through Scripture examples, Asia discovers there are many ways that God reveals His thoughts to us

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