The Red Book

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By Mark Harper

Paperback: 172 pages

Why The Red Book? Think about the most powerful message that you can teach kids in the 21st century. What would it be?

Red represents the blood of Christ. The blood of Jesus Christ is just as important a message today as it was yesterday. The Red Book is not just about everything you can do in children’s ministry to make it exciting and fun, even though there is some how-to stuff included.

It’s about the things that really matter. Why do we do what we do? Because what matters most is eternity, and eternity is the Life Blood of Children’s Ministry.

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“The Red Book is a breath of fresh air, a commanding call to action, and an invitation for the church to take children’s ministry seriously so we can make a difference like never before! This book is a must-read for anyone who ministers to children and families in the church.” ~Ryan Frank Author of The Volunteer Code and CEO/Publisher at Kidzmatter

“Mark Harper is a walking google of children’s ministry. Not only does he know a bunch of info about children’s ministry, he knows what matters most. That’s what this book is about. This Red Book needed to be written years ago but it took Mark years to learn it. Now you can learn it without taking years or learning it the hard way. It is packed full of practical, hands-on experience from one of the best I know.” ~ Jim Wideman Children’s and Family Ministry Pioneer, Author, Coach


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