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Winning the Next Generation

IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED, THERE’S A CULTURE WAR IN OUR NATION and we as Christians are not winning the next generation for Christ. In a new study, George Barna found, “We [the USA] are a nation now with [very] divergent worldviews. Worldview is critically important because it’s the lens through which we see and […]


What Can our Kid’s Learn from the Movie Coco?

WILL YOU BE TAKING YOUR KIDS TO SEE THE MOVIE COCO? review’s summary is, “The movie Coco is a Pixar animated fantasy adventure about a young boy in Mexico who dreams of becoming a musician, but who’s forbidden to pursue this dream by his family because of a generational prejudice against all things musical.” […]


There are Seers Among Us

There are seers living in our homes today. They are having dreams, and visions, and sometimes nightmares. They are intuitive beyond their years. And they have been gifted by God for this day in God’s timetable.   They are the Joel 2:28 generation. “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all […]