Christian Leaders Often Don't Teach Their Own Kids

Christian Leaders Often Don’t Teach Their Own Kids

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The home altar will alter the home.Today Christian parents all over the world will go to church, and even take their kids. But the shocking thing is when they leave, they will seldom if ever mention God or spiritual things again all week. I recently received a message from another minister who said, ” I have a group of moms who I mentor and meet with, most of whom are leaders in their church. I encourage them to talk with their children of the things of the Lord. Their confession is: I realize that I don’t do this. I only speak to my children about natural things in their everyday life – homework, chores, bathing, ballet, etc.”

How can this be? How can parents who claim to love the Lord their God with all their hearts, strength and minds, “forget” to talk to their children about the most part of their lives?

We are in grave danger in our Spirit-filled homes of our children losing the language of the Spirit, because we never speak it in our homes anymore. Will the next generation speak the language of the crucified Christ? Will they be fluent in speaking the language of sacrifice, consecration, purity, and separation to the Lord? Or will we run the risk of having a generation that speaks a conglomeration of half Bible and half Oprah (secular culture)?

Read it and weep.

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