Chuck Pierce & C. Peter Wagner Commission Becky Fischer

Kids in Ministry International Chuck Pierce & C. Peter Wagner Commission Becky Fischer

SMALL.PRAYEROne of the most unexpected, yet glorious connections was made this year (2015) as Becky Fischer attended the annual Global Spheres conference in Texas. It had been preceded by the opportunity for Becky to speak in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for the Brazilian branch of the Wagner Leadership Institute. There she met, and became friends with, C. Peter Wagner and his wife Doris. Peter invited her to join Global Spheres. At the GS event Becky was commissioned by Pierce and Wagner with these comments:

Peter to attendees: …and her vision is that children rise up with all the gifts. And we see children with the same gifts we have and ministering with those gifts with measurable results. So Becky is one of the main international leaders in teaching that, and has teaching materials on how to do it…She spoke with us down in Brazil, and she spoke more than all the rest of us.

SMALL.CHUCKChuck: And it was great to get to know Becky Fischer. Becky, come forward. Goodness! The power and strength you operated in when you shared with us today! What you said about the next generation, it has to come! And that generation has to break out of a wineskin. And, so Lord, we thank you that Becky is going to be used to break a generation into…ah…leading a new wine skin. She’s a teaching apostle. Lord, we send her forth, and we say let the doors fly open!