CIAN Mid-Atlantic Regional Pastors/Leaders Seminar 2013

Kids in Ministry International CIAN Mid-Atlantic Regional Pastors/Leaders Seminar 2013

Redigging the Wells of Revival

Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN) Mid-Atlantic Regional Pastors/Leaders Seminar 2013

Monday-Tuesday, July 22 – July 23, 2013
Hosted by Pastor Steven and Dr. Melodye Hilton
Regional Team Leaders of Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN)

CIAN Seminar Overview:

Becky Fischer, a twenty year ministry veteran in working with children and youth in local churches, will speak to CIAN pastors and ministry leaders about the high cost in individual churches and the body of Christ of not understanding true spiritual discipleship of children and youth. Discussions will include why we can no longer do children’s and youth ministry “as usual” and what it actually means to disciple children in the Christian faith.

Ministry to kids has to be completely redefined for us to continue to be relevant to this upcoming generation, and it has nothing to do with having the latest technology or bells and whistles in our CM programs. Pastors and Leaders will be challenged lead the charge to lay down the two-hundred year old wine skin of traditional children’s ministry to hear what the spirit of God is saying to leaders today.

What is Working and What is Not

Becky will share what is working and what is not working in our children’s ministries from a discipleship standpoint, and why kids ministry should be an even greater priority in local churches than youth ministry. Topics will include what churches and pastors can do to partner with parents to raise a generation of spiritual champions who are fully committed to faith in Jesus Christ, rather than depending on the “professionals” at church alone for the spiritual discipleship of children. This is  call for RADICAL CHANGE to spiritually reach today’s generation than affects the global kingdom of God.

Sessions will be liberally sprinkled with real life testimonies of how God is using children around the world to  preach the gospel, heal the sick, prophesy, cast out devils, and raise the dead.


(Registration contact Pastor Steven and Dr. Melodye Hilton at
$45.00 before June 28th; $50.00 after June 28th
(Cost includes: refreshment buffet on Monday, light breakfast  (coffee, tea, and scrumptious muffins) and a catered luncheon on Tuesday)


Monday, July 22nd – 6:00PM (Doors open)
Tuesday, July 23rd – 10:00AM (Doors open) – 3:00PM (Conference concludes)


CIAN-MA conferences are designed for pastors and/or leaders. No childcare is provided. We request parents make their own personal arrangements for the care of their children. We request children do NOT attend our conferences.




PLEASE NOTE: By attending any Kids in Ministry Events you are giving us permission to use any and all photographs, video tapes, and audio tapes of you or your family members including personal testimonies in part or in whole in any and all future publications printed or recorded or on electronic media without prior notification or royalties. THANK YOU.







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