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Kids in Ministry International Comments from our Friends

We have four children, ages 7-11 years. We spent most of last week watching KIMI’s “And God Said” series, and our children were absolutely fascinated! To think that only a few short weeks ago we had never even heard of Becky and her ministry and now with the use of her DVD’s she feels like a member of our family because we look forward to watching her teaching each day, but better still….her gift in teaching has opened up the way for the Holy Spirit to move in our children’s lives at such a young age!!  How Blessed are we!!!  When I told Margaret (the Children’s Church teacher) about the DVDs and about Becky, she was really impressed because she also feels that this young age is so important to teach…it’s not all about Jonah and a big fish stories but the Holy Spirit working through our children! What a moment for myself and my husband!!! (I can tell you I was a blubbering mess when I heard this!)

Suzy H., Australia

Wanted to share a testimony.  In the history class my eleven year old son Jack attends one of the kids 2yo sister was ill low blood count. Drs were saying would have to have transfusions.  The kids in class were praying for her, but the prayers were God please heal Gracie totally, but if … kind of thing.  The teacher told me Jack had them stop, and said we can’t pray like this you have to believe He is going to heal her, and  talked to them about faith, prayer and healing.  Jack prayed for the little girl.  She went to the Dr. this morning blood count back up no transfusions needed!! I think the biggest impact was on the teacher she said she had never seen such conviction in a child.  God is so awesome


I was burned out from this school year.  Obama was given an honorary law degree from a supposedly Catholic university this weekend.  The Pew Charitable Research Foundation found that Christian Education made no difference whatsoever in whether or not an individual left the Church.

So I was not really looking forward to this summer’s VBS. And then I watched Jesus Camp and that all changed. Those kids got it! They are on fire with the Holy Spirit.  It was such a joy to watch you work with those kids!  You were really making a connection; it was like I could see a light bulb going on in their heads.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for that.  I was really losing my way in the wilderness and watching you through that documentary reminded me what we are doing this for.  Thank you for the work that you do!  I am now so excited about VBS and looking forward to another great school year.


My son Jesse will be three by the end of June, and was recently born again (the night before Mother’s Day)!  Thank You, Jesus!  Last week I thought I heard him speaking in tongues, but, since it was the first time I had heard him speak like that when he was praying, I wasn’t sure.  Well, tonight while we had family altar time, my husband heard it, too, and we are both thinking that’s what is happening.  I’ve been talking to Jesse about being filled with the Holy Spirit, but could it have happened already?  Have you heard of it happening so soon to such a young before? Denna

Oh yes! I’ve heard of children who speak in tongues before they speak in their known language. Encourage him to speak daily along with you in family prayer, or just while you go about daily activities. You want to encourage him big time. Becky

Thank you so much! Jesse is stopping in the middle of playing on the floor with his cars, standing up, lifting his hands in the air, speaking in tongues, and giving glory to the Lord! I’m so excited and so blessed! God Bless you for all you do!


I met you this past Saturday at a conference held in South Carolina. I planned a Holy Ghost meeting for my kids service Wednesday night and didn’t tell anyone what I was going to do nor I didn’t have a backup or back out plan. It appeared when I arrived at church last night it was the wrong time because nothing was going right. I continue to pray in the Holy Spirit and just ask Him to work it out. Normally I have about 10 children (2nd-5th graders) on Wednesday nights, but tonight I only had 4. I began my services and started asking who wants more of God in their lives. I talked for several minutes and I know now that I was under the anointing, because I can’t recall a lot of what I was saying. I began pray in the Spirit and asked if anyone was bold enough to come forward and receive the Holy Spirit. One boy came forward and I told him to get down on his knees and I began praying over him in the Spirit.

The next thing I know all the rest of the kids along with my wife are in front of me on their knees and I began praying over all of them. Then 2 more kids entered the room by the names of Quentin and Miracle and they immediately followed suit. Then 1 more child entered by the name of Faith and she also followed suit. I continued to pray over them one after the other. Then Faith, the last one in began speaking out in tongues first and before we finished 6 of the 7 including my wife were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

I believe all 7 were filled, but 1 wouldn’t speak out not yet but it will happen very soon. Thanks to you and all the people of RWOC who were praying over me on Saturday after the conference. I look forward to beginning your curriculum on Hearing God’s Voice and after that The Blood. Thank you and may God bless you.


I just want to let you know that your curriculums are great. Thank you so much for responding to God’s call on your life. You will never know just how many lives He has transformed through you. Our children’s ministry has changed dramatically since we started using your curriculums. God Bless!


Dear Becky,

Our church recently held a conference and we had a Kids Conference running along side it. The theme of the Conference was the Prophetic, and we used your curriculum – School of the Holy Spirit (hearing God’s voice) This was the first time I had run anything like this so I was kind of freaking out because everything was on my shoulders and I had never done anything like this befor.! Well, after much fasting and praying, God just moved in a mighty way. Children were writing prophetic songs, drawing prophetic drawings, and on the last day all the leaders were sitting on the floor with the kids surrounding us, and they prophesied over us for an hour! Once they started we couldn’t stop them! It was amazing! We actually have it all recorded on audio, and some of it on video. I want to say, the curriculum we used (Hearing God’s Voice) was so helpful, I know it was a lot to cram in to them in a few days, but I know that they came away with some much more understanding and experience in moving in the Prophetic…Kids love the Supernatural!

Sarah, Australia

Dear Becky,

In the summer of 2007 our children’s ministry brought a team of children and pastors to your kid’s conference in Missouri. They returned with such an anointing on them that our board voted to pledge monthly support to your ministry. Continue the good work and may He continue to bless his children through you around the world.


Hello, Becky,

I wanted to thank you for your passion for children.  I share your passion and have read much of your book.  I taught the children last Sunday and baptized them in the Holy Spirit!  The kids responded so well and heard God for the first time and were praying in tongues!

Please pray that our pastors will embrace this teaching and purchase the curriculum and allow us to be trained by you!

Bless you and thank you!


I have challenged my leaders this year to read “Redefining Kids Ministry’ and we were going to read it together and have discussions as a type of training etc. One of my leaders who is involved in our Creche Ministry (fairly new to the ministry) came back to me in a couple of days and said that she had read the whole book in 3 days! She was so excited and encouraged by the book, she said that it has basically changed her view on kids ministry and also how she will bring up her children. She is a 26year old single mum with 2 children…

Her oldest boy, aged 7years old, has always been negative about coming to Kids Church, he has a father that feeds him bad stuff about church…she has to fight with him to come to church, every week and he never wants to come into kids church.

Straight after she read your book she decided to go into his room one night and pray over him, as she was praying, he immediately received the gift of tongues! He was so excited the next morning he couldn’t wait to come to Kids Church – he is a different boy…

It’s really exciting what God is doing…parents need to know this stuff, it will change the way they bring up their kids, and that makes our job a lot easier too!



Dear Becky,

I am a Kids Pastor with about 100 kids. The Youth Pastor here came across a CD of you speaking at a seminar and passed it along to me. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but listening to that changed my life and my prayer in turn is that the kids lives here will be changed as well. Thank you for being bold and “telling it like it is.” I pray the adults here can be enlightened and catch the passion for their kids. Thanks again for everything!


Hi Becky,
Do you remember me? I am from Pastor Ben’s church in Sydney, Australia.

I shared about KidzRock at your conference about the outreach ministry to the Muslim children that I run. Here’ the update of what’s been happening. We have been sharing with the kids lately about hearing the voice of God. There is an 8yr old Muslim girl named Laura who shared with us recently about her experience with God! Here is her testimony….

She said that her dad wanted to watch the rugby on T.V. but he couldn’t find the remote anywhere. He in turn became really frustrated & angry taking it out on the kids & family. Laura then remembered what we shared about hearing the voice of God & she ran to her bedroom closed her door, fell on her knees & prayed, “GOD please help me find the remote so my dad can have peace.” Immediately she had a vision (something she has never experienced before). She saw the remote well hidden behind one of the couches! She excitedly jumped off the floor ran outside & went to the place God showed her & found the remote. She gave it to her surprised, puzzled & happy dad, then ran back to her room fell to her knees & thanked GOD! Hallelujah! GOD IS AWESOME!

There is more to this story. A few hours later her sister Nour who is 11yrs old lost her mobile phone & was extremely upset! She was crying uncontrollably for a while when Laura thought to herself I’m gonna pray about this too. So she ran to her bedroom & did what she did before, closed to the door, fell to her knees & said, “God, please help me to find Nour’s phone.” She then heard God’s audible voice saying to her to go to the kitchen & check her mother’s handbag on the kitchen bench in a certain pocket! She ran outside & checked her mother’s bag & found it! She gave it to Nour who was amazed about the find! She then ran back to her bedroom, fell on her knees & thanked the LORD!!! GOD is amazing & He is reaching out to these kids in wonderful ways. To God be all the glory forever.


Thanks Becky. I’ve been using your curriculum “Preschoolers in His Presence” for my preschool class. In the fall we did the lesson about Singing a new song (in the worship chapter). One of the little boys said that he had a song to Jesus. I handed him the plastic microphone and he sang the song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from the Toy Story movie. It was so precious.Keep up the good work!

Lynne C.

Hi my name is Alex I am from Alabama & I believe you have changed my life forever. I am only 10 years old & I am now seeing colors on things, being filled with the Holy Spirit and hearing God!! You are AWESOME!

Love, Alex

Dear Becky,

I just want to thank you for being obedient to the Lord in responding to His calling on your life.  I have been experiencing much difficulty in directing the children’s ministry at my church since a little over a year ago.  I have felt discouraged, tired, stressed, frustrated, and just plain burned and worn out.  However, the Lord Jesus has used your site here to provide me with hope and refreshing.

I don’t know if you have any idea the effect that seeing the pictures of the children ministering and worshiping and reading their testimonies has on us adult children ministers.  I pray that God will increase His anointing on you and all those who co-labor in this very important part of God’s vineyard.  Please pray for me as I enter 2009 with renewed hope and faith that God will show up in my church through the children under my direction.

Pray that God will supernaturally change the preconceived ideas that the adults have toward the children that are not always profitable to the furtherance of the Kingdom of God at at such a time as this.  May God continue to richly bless you and yours.


Dear Becky, I am using your curriculum and I think it is the best thing God could have ever given me. My heart longs to see God move so badly! I have been climbing mountains since I used your curriculum because people don’t understand (especially these southern country folks LOL). I had many battles even with my pastor about what I am doing and I cannot find adults to help me in kid’s church, or Wednesday nights!

I am so sad!!! I can’t believe that we have 400 people in our church and I can’t find teachers! Kid’s ministry always has been the most unattracted ministry in the church and I just don’t understand… I am very frustrated right now and felt like quitting a million times ever since I started here… Oh Lord have mercy!!! If it wasn’t for these children, I probably would have…

BUT…today I went on your website and I just looked around and all of a sudden I felt the holy spirit come to me!!!! I am sitting here crying… I felt so alone in the battle field and for some reason I didn’t feel alone anymore! I felt like someone was lifting up my arms and my head! JUST BY READING YOUR THINGS!!!! Becky, thank you for pouring life into me… Thank you for calling me to keep on moving… Thank you!!!!

I am excited about what God has in store for these precious warriors of Christ! I am not going to be moved and shaken but I will be content in the calling in which God has called me for this season.

Pastor J.

We attended the second Ramp where you spoke for Karen Wheaton. I think I have purchased everything you sell.  It is amazing how God sends people into your life and how he links hearts even though we have never met. Your message is amazing and we have been pouring into our children. There was no way we were missing this gathering. We had missed our plane, the enemy tried to take this away, but our God is bigger.

We received confirmation that we are doing exactly what God has called us to do. We are plowing ground to get people to see children in who they are in Christ and not how the world views them. We had 2 of our children filled with the Spirit and the others running around praying for whoever they could. They are hungry to see God move and to be used by God to make a difference in this world.  It is amazing and I am blessed to be a part of this.  We will never be the same.

Tanya G.

I absolutely LOVE how God is working through you and your ministry. I have two children 6 & 2.  My 6 yr old loved the Jesus Camp movie. Thank you for teaching our kids to be warriors for Jesus!!!!!!!!! I just received Jesus on April 20th of this year and am so so so grateful I am able to give my kids the chance to know and serve our Lord who gave us life eternal.  We owe Him everything and pray He guides us to do His will not ours. Bless you.  I’d love to put my daughter in a camp that is so filled with the Holy Spirit.  I pray the Lord leads us!Lord, I pray for this ministry and ask you send your warring angels to protect them and bless them in every way possible.In Jesus name, Amen.


I am currently listening to the leading the lambs CD sessions. I have not be able to stop listening all day. I’ve listened to three sessions already.  I just wanted to pop a note and say “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS OF MY LIFE.” J

I have never been mentored into the children’s ministry and I have struggled and received many bruises during this time.  I wish I could have someone like you to show me that my vision for this generation was exactly what God is saying. I’ve struggled with expressing myself so many times because I came from a legal assistant and accounting background to full time children’s ministry.

I just wanted to affirm what you are saying. I have received so much more training and equipping in my so called secular job than I have ever received in the church. I was basically thrown downstairs with the kids, which I knew God called to me to be, but without any training. I am learning more from Your Leading the Lambs to the Lion correspondence course than I have in five years. I feel more equipped and I KNOW I am on the right track.

Thank you soooooooo much.

Sandra M.

My husband and I have a little girl who will turn 4 years old this month.  She has been asking us to lay hands on different members of our family for almost a year now. One day last month, I noticed that I was getting really sick. The flu was going around and I could feel it attacking my body.

I said, “Oh, I am getting sick”.  I could feel a fever coming over me; but, I didn’t say that.

Well, Rebecca, my daughter, said “No, Mommy, you can’t get sick”.  She  put her little hand on my head and slid it from my head to my shoulder…while she was saying…Jesus heal my mommy…make her well, and Jesus take away the fever and make my mommy better.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Instantly, I felt better!!! That is just the latest for her. Another time, she asked me to lay hands on her daddy because his neck was hurting. I did. We prayed…I after her. My husband told me the next afternoon, while he was at work, that his neck wasn’t hurting anymore. When he noticed it…he just started laughing. He was thankful that the Lord had healed his pain through the prayers of our 3 year old daughter. I am not boasting…It is just awesome to see the WORD come to life through the little hands of my daughter. To see Him use Rebecca is a wonderful blessing to our family. I am excited to see how the Lord will use her in the future.


I went to a KIMI conference in Clinton, Ma. The kids were so drawn into His presence. I know the children from my church were blessed. There was one girl, Priscilla, from my church who signed up for dance, she was so reserved at first but by Saturday night she was up on the platform right in the center, eyes closed, totally lost in worship, pounding the floor with her feet in complete freedom.  I don’t know who was blessed more, Priscilla, God, or me. It was good. Priscilla carried that freedom to our worship service and also testified in children’s church of the things God did for her at the conference. I purchased your curriculum, hearing the voice of God. I’m exited to start using it soon. Thanks so much.


Well, Ms Becky, once again, we are speechless! Our six year old received the Lord on Thurs. night and began speaking in tongues immediately! The weekend was ….ahhhhhhh…. is there a word I can use to describe my spirit? We got home and both our kids (her brother is 10) wanted to watch the DVD of the weekend “to see themselves on TV”, but instead, began a worship service in our living room! We watched another 4 hours! They never even looked for themselves in the DVD after the first time.

Their teen brother got hurt over the weekend with friends and they both laid hands on him and began praying in tongues! And he felt better immediately! Our teen is in a rebellious time right now but he joined in prayer (without being asked) for the first time in a long time!

At church on Sunday morning, our 10 yr old’s friend was complaining about the length of the service (after an hour) and our son, David, said, “You have got to be kidding me! I spent 20 hours in church this weekend and I was just starting to get there with God!” Our six year old, Shelley, ran to the Pastor and said, “I got saved, I got filled with the Holy Ghost, NOW, will you baptize me!?” By the way, she has never been a bold child.

When my daughter woke me up at 7am this morning, the first words out of her mouth was: “Please turn on Ms. Becky, I need to worship and learn more” her brother woke up and joined in. Once again, 5 hours later and they are still at it! They are different kids today then they were weeks ago! Praise God for leading us to your Jesus Camp movie and changing the spiritual lives of our children!

Our son has even started his own intercessory prayer team since seeing the movie (he received the gift of tongues a few days after…in our car!).  He is the first child to ever attend the adult’s weekly Monday night intercessory prayer meeting in our church. I didn’t ask church permission because I had God’s permission, so I brought him with me when he asked.  All the adults looked at him and when he began prophesying and praying in tongues, these fine Baptist folks stopped whispering amongst themselves and began to listen! No one told him to stop…he doesn’t know of their “rules” He knows God! This has been going on for 3 weeks! I can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

Kim S.

We were blessed at the Ramp!! Some of our children were operating in their prayer language and have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit before we came, but while there all of our children received the baptism and their prayer language. The next Sunday during morning worship one child started a prayer chain of intersession at the altar that lasted the entire service. We were blown away!!

I have prayed for several years that our pastors would see the true calling of our children. The pastors have always been behind me but have thought sometimes that I was not teaching age appropriately. I do not use coloring pages and Baby Bible songs. I have believed that our children are able to handle more than we give them. There has been a religious-we’ve-always-done-it-like-this old church way of children’s ministry. One grandparent told me she did not think that her granddaughter really understood the things of the spirit, when the granddaughter was crying out to God at the altar!

One of my team members had a dream three months before the Ramp. She dreamed that she saw a python wrapped around a child’s neck that was suffocating the child. The python had red eyes and was yellow and orange. During the colors small group session our children would not open up. We saw a gray haze over them all. While you were teaching on the animal meanings this worker and I were given clarity on the dream and its significance to our children.  The python is keeping our children from stepping out in the things of God. One team member, while praying in the small group for the seeing of animals, said that they heard God saying to the children, “I am calling you; I am calling you, why do you not hear me and answer!!”

Becky, I want to say thank you for being bold enough to step out!

With Great Respect and Appreciation,

Denise M.

Do you remember that you had donated the materials to me from the Philippines…the series of Holy Spirit, our amazing God etc.? Although I have just started using the materials a little, the Holy Spirit is already moving among the kids…they were baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We have had heavenly visitations which started on our weekly Saturday night sleep over in our church sanctuary. Some visited heaven, sang in the spirit, dance in the spirit, prophesying, seeing Jesus etc…and the Lord is using the kids now to minister during our Sunday services.  I am completely caught. Off guard by these visitations and I would like to ask your help in how I can continue to flow with the Holy Spirit.


I thought it  is by time I brought you up to date with what is happening here with us in Taunton. We have had so really amazing things happen!  We had another all night prayer night on the 23rd of May and boy, where the kids so excited and ready for it. You had imparted into them the love of prayer and praying.  Normally on our prayer nights we have to do a lot of praise, activities and things just to get the kids into praying.  But on this night, the kids came prepared and after two songs, they just wanted to go!  They were just hungry to get into the presence of God.  It was an awesome thing to see.  Skippy went into really deep intercession for the lost and was weeping.  He got an incredible word from God that he needed to give up his dead end job and that he needed to get training and getting equipped to do God’s work.  He has subsequently resigned from his job and is currently looking for a place where he can get some good training in children’s ministry work.


Here a little report from Hugo in Mexico City about his PowerClub. The biggest testimony is about a restoration of families.

A mother with two little girls five and eight years old were abandon by their father, and were having a lot of troubles in the school for their attitude. They were very aggressive at school, and Hugo said that He could see some depression reflected in their faces. Since the first day they arrived to PowerClub, the Lord started to restore them. They received the Holy Spirit and started talking in tongues. They had been in Lord’s Presence between 20 to 30 minutes when the older girl received the Holy Spirit and she had a vision. She saw herself praying for the sick. And right now when she prays for sick people they are healed. All the family is been restored, and now even the father is closer with the girls.

Wow, isn’t it amazing!

Ana Lilia, Mexico









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