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Chris S. said – “No other curriculum has ever done what KIMI curriculum has for my children’s ministry. ❤️  Thank you! This IS the best children’s curriculum ever! I’ve used so many others, and this is exactly what I was looking for. ❤️””

Jessica B. says, “There’s literally no curriculum in the WORLD that comes close. Everywhere I have taught on Hearing Gods Voice and how YOU can hear Him too, we have seen great moves and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. In fact, we have heard reports from many people that say they’ve never seen anything like it. Many adults loved the teachings as well! Jesus Our healer was another one that had earth shaking events take place. Healings galore during that one!”

Laura D. said, “The KIMI curriculum is changing the culture of our church. The adults are just beginning to see the power of God manifested in our kids….and the kids are just beginning to believe they can be a part of building the kingdom NOW! I highly recommend these curriculums.

Angela M. said, “Nothing compares to this curriculum! We are currently on The Blood of Jesus we started it around Easter. The kids are soaking up and learning so much! During review questions I’m always amazed at how much they remember! My favorite to teach is Hearing Gods Voice. I use tools from this one weekly.”

Marilyn S. testified,  “I am using “hearing God’s Voice’ for the second time and the few kids I have are really getting ‘it’–the idea being this time that they will really ‘know’ and be able to help others with what they have learned–not just information but an impartation…”

Many of our KIMI curriculums are also available in Spanish, Hindi, Swahili, Polish, Dutch, and more.

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