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SHE SAW FIRE AND GLORY ON THE CHILDREN! This is a continuation of the prophetic word given by Bonnie Jones (wife of the late Bob Jones). You can see the whole prophecy here:

She wrote: “Just the other day I had an open vision where I saw fire and glory resting upon young children. It was like the day of Pentecost. These small children moved and had their being in the Lord and there was no fear of man in them. They simply went about doing the Father’s business of preaching, prophesying, healing the sick and raising the dead. They were living breathing signs of His glorious light.

Many years ago I had a dream where I had just given birth and immediately my baby began talking, walking and running. He was full of wisdom and the glory of God rested upon him. Children are given to us for signs and wonders. (Isaiah 8:18a) Just today I saw a video where a baby girl was born in Brazil on May 31st. Within minutes following the birth, while the midwife was trying to bathe her, she began to walk. When the midwife laid her down to finish cleansing her, she got up and began walking again. This is a supernatural sign; first the natural then the spiritual. I believe you are going to see and hear more of these kinds of stories.”

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(Photo by the Healing Rooms Family Centre, Canada)

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