Flood Relief in the Philippines

Kids in Ministry International Flood Relief in the Philippines

10622962_10152405576802057_7825932469434462002_nKids in Ministry works with children’s ministries all over the world. We have key directors in many nations, all have financial needs form time to time. But at this moment we have a husband and wife team, Bishop Rey & Alma Angana, who lead KIMI Philippines. They are amazing, leading over 400 of our PowerClubs and reaching almost 5,000 children in a weekly basis.This is in addition to clothing and feeding the poor and needy, even though they themselves have a family of five, and here in the USA would be considered under the poverty line. They also faithfully pastor a church in their city.

They have lived along the northern coast of Mindanao, in the city of Cagayan de Oro, and have been battered routinely with typhoons and floods. Over and over their home is flooded. They have lost furniture repeatedly, including their beds, to mites and other pests. They had to throw them away, and now sleep on the concrete floor. They had already suffered three typhoons this year, and the weather reports at least another 4 or 5 coming by the first of the years.

They are now staying in their church, with no kitchen facilities, and no proper showers. But they have no choice. Because of the constant flooding, the people of their village is now being endangered by Denge fever, which has already killed close to a dozen people. So now, besides being chased out of their home regularly, their lives are also in danger.

We are doing everything we can to raise the funds to build them a simple home right next to their church which is high and dry. they have the property, and the men of the church are going to help them build it. We have gotten a humble beginning. But we need another $10,000 to finish their block home, get them electricity and restroom facilities, and a place they can be safe in.

Can you please help us?

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