Forever Grateful For What I Learned In SSCM

Forever Grateful for What I Learned in SSCM!

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I’m so proud and pleased to announce one more certified graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry — Jessica Berry, from North Carolina. Jessica is an amazing children’s pastor I have gotten to know recently, and she’s a mover and a shaker in Kids ministry. She’s a motivator–she has inspired two teens, a mother and her husband, who is a teen pastor, to go through SSCM as well! She posts frequently in our group on FB Supernatural Children’s Ministry with amazing testimonies of incredible moves of the Spirit. Here’s what she had to say about the course:

“I had the privilege of attending several of Becky Fischer’s sessions during the Focus Conference about four years ago. She was speaking on the ‘Supernatural and Children’ and it was a strange dichotomy of being so profound and yet so simplistic. I remember sitting in my seat and listening to something she said and a literal (not figurative, but LITERALLY) vibration went through my body and I knew that I knew that our children’s church would never be the same. And it never has been!”

“During the last four years we have seen hundreds of kids baptized in the Holy Spirit and operating in the gifts of the Spirit. We have witnessed children as young as 3 and up have gifts of healing, wisdom and knowledge activated and evangelism has been taken into the schools. Just recently I was told that one of our three-year-olds has been witnessing to an atheist family member for over a year and that this family member is now saying they are going to come to church!”

“I believe that some type of impartation happened that day and I will always be forever grateful for the lessons learned at SSCM!”

Congratulations, Jessica! And Welcome to the KIMI family!

If you are interested in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, check it out here:

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