A Former Satanist Speaks Out on Halloween

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A Former Satanist Speaks Out on Halloween

Last year I posted a question on our Facebook page asking Christians whether or not they celebrate Halloween. Well, actually I asked:

“Does it matter to you as a Christian that Halloween was a pagan belief that on one night of the year the souls of the dead return to their original homes, there to be entertained with food? If food and shelter were not provided, these evil spirits would cast spells and cause havoc toward those failing to fulfill their requests. Do you celebrate this in your Christian home?”

I can honestly say at the time, we had never had so much discussion and so many posts on anything we have ever put on Facebook. But the surprising part was the intense emotions that ran high on the side of Christians defending the position that is was okay for Christians to participate in the holiday in various forms.

Split Decisions Among Christians

Let’s be clear–there is room for a variety of opinions on many subjects in the body of Christ. Halloween is one of them. Some argue that they use it for evangelistic purposes. I understand that. I have done the same. In fact, I have a very anointed Halloween sermon for kids I wrote several years ago that is a perfect evangelistic tool. I say, if this resonates in your heart, and you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit, by all means take advantage of this cultural opportunity to talk to children about Jesus, redeeming what is otherwise a dark season.

Come churches have “harvest parties,” giving Christian families a reason to get out of the house. Theoretically, this is so they do not have to participate in Halloween. Sort of ironic really, because it’s just participating in another way. They then hand out bags of candy to their kids so they don’t miss out on trick-or-treating. Again, I did that for years as well. The whole town is having a big party, so Christians want to as well. In and of itself, is it so wrong? Each family has to decide that for themselves.

In This World But Not Of It

My primary concern is the Christians who just jump right into the big middle of Halloween with no parameters, teaching their kids, by example, it’s just another holiday, nothing to be concerned about at all. I have written and spoken much on the subjects of magic and witchcraft, which is embedded deeply into this holiday as well as our entire culture, so I won’t rehearse those things here. In fact I did a family conference a couple of years ago called The Kingdom of Light that compared God’s Kingdom against the Kingdom of Darkness.

As Christians we are in this world, but we are not to be part of this world (Romans 12:2). This season would be a dynamite time–a month long of teachable moments–to show your children about what the Bible has to say on these subjects. This is part of developing a biblical worldview in them. Don’t just say no and frown–use it to teach them to look at this through the lens of scripture.

What Does a Former Satanist Think?

For the purposes of this article, I decided to ask a friend of mine who was born and raised in a satanic cult. She once told me, “I believed everything they [satanists] taught us with every fiber of my being.” I thought she might have some insight on this controversial holiday. Please understand, she has very strong feelings. But she was victimized in her former cult from childhood until adulthood.  She has insight you and I will never have, and she deserves a hearing from first hand experience. Here’s what she wrote:

First and foremost I don’t think Halloween should be celebrated period!!!!

This is just my opinion. No alternative. No harvest/fall festivals. No salvation houses. No going door to door evangelizing. It should be another day of the week—nothing more or nothing less. We place a sign on our door that says “We do not participate in Halloween.” So no one knocks, and we just act like it is another night.

Here is why–I refuse to come into any agreement with the demonic, knowingly or unknowingly. If I am not going to send my kids door to door blessing people and evangelizing the other 365 days of the year, I am not going to on Halloween. Every day is a good day to evangelize and bless people. Take the opportunity every day.

I wonder as Christians why it is so hard to just not acknowledge it [Halloween]? Christians are not celebrating other high ranking Satanic days of the year. The Summer Solstice is highly celebrated by pagans and satanists  more so than Halloween, but you never hear Christians mentioning it, or thinking about what their church can do as an alternative to the Summer Solstice.

My point is we as Christians feel like we must respond because of the culture. But we are not of this world, so there is no obligation to doing anything on Halloween, or around Halloween that we would not do on any other ordinary day. When your kids ask why, just respond with BECAUSE IT IS SATANTIC!!!! Remember the agenda has always been from day one in the Garden of Eden,~~ENTICEMENT!! This MO (method of operation) of Satan has not changed!

What it really boils down to is we do not want our kids left out. We don’t want to say no, or deprive them. So we come up with things we can tolerate and live with to pacify this issue, not knowing that we are coming under and direct agreement with the Kingdom of Darkness. They [demonic spirits] care not how that agreement takes place; they simply want to be acknowledged even if the one acknowledging it is unaware of this passive agreement.

Satanists believe that October 31st as an “All Demon’s Night.” As one of the few times a year the spirit world and the physical world meet and a gateway, portal or vortex opens up, there is exchange of demonic power that has been earned throughout the year. All “Hallows’ Eve” is a time of spells, curses, and demonic possession and power. Particularly for the witches, it is a joyous festival and major Shabbat. Our culture dilutes the real intent behind this, and we as Christians buy into it, whereas practicing cults understand the seriousness of this Holiday, and it is far beyond trick or treating.

So while our little children run from house to house and carnival to carnival, somewhere on this night children and animals will loose their lives as they are sacrificed to the Kingdom of Darkness in exchange of possessions and power. This is reality !!!

So I choose to do nothing and acknowledge nothing. This is not denial or paranoia, but a proactive approach. I pray blessings and protection over and around my children and family, eat dinner, do homework, clean house, and go to bed just as I do every other day of the year. I just cannot associate with things from the Kingdom of Darkness on this night or any other night.

T. Brown


I shared your story link through my Twitter which will run through FB also. Wow. Thanks. Talk about peel off a scabbing blindfold. My son and I were just out opening some deaf ears and we have plans to attend our church harvest festival and go to his karate school costume party. After reading this story I find us at odds-doing the work of Jesus one day, and blindly agreeing to a watered down version of a satanic ritual on the other. Ouch. This story really puts it in perspective. Thanks! Keep it up!

~Cheryl Lynn


I read the message and agree and disagree. I get no greater joy then to see children get saved and brought into the kingdom of light on the devil’s major nights. At our church the children are to dress as biblical characters or just come without a costume. They have games and altar call and puppet shows. The puppet show is very blatant on what Halloween is all about. On the back of the church’s Hallelujah flyer, it has complete details on the history of Halloween for every person to read- nothing held back! Kids have gotten saved just passing out flyers a week or two ahead of the event. Ha Ha! devil! ~Karen


I am always fascinated with the ignorance we have in America about the demonic, and how we allow the enemy to slyly slip us into this placebo pill that many in the church have taken. I am of African descent. Both of my parents are Nigerian. I was born in America, and then we were raised in Africa. When it came to the demonic, there was no “VARIATION” or ALTERNATIVE. There was a clear demarcation, and there were no ambiguities. No opinions. It was the kingdom of darkness against the kingdom of light. My grandfather gave his life to Jesus Christ, breaking generations and generations of witchcraft off of our family. He said “AS for me and MY house, we will serve the Lord.”

When that happened, anything that smelled or tasted like witchcraft, was avoided. And there is biblical precedence for this. God told Israel, “Do NOT dance their dances. Do NOT marry their women. Do NOT mingle into their culture. I AM THE LORD.” That meant that if the OTHER cultures wanted to be like the Israelites, they were welcome to leave theirs, and embrace God’s way. When the Bible says we are peculiar, that’s exactly how we should be. And we have to use the wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ in winning others to Christ, and be careful not to use that as an excuse for not being separated from this world. So before we start giving opinions, we need to have a solid Biblical stance on what we do as Christians.

Don’t let anyone fool you- Halloween is a HIGH satanic holiday, and we should be praying on that day for the children that disappear because of sacrifices, and what the enemy does on that day. Honestly, guys, come down for a minute and let’s just look at what they celebrate that day. They celebrate demons, death, fear, blood, evil, ghosts. Why is this even a discussion? ~Ose

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2 thoughts on “A Former Satanist Speaks Out on Halloween”

  1. Natalie says:

    I think the real point she was trying to say in this acticle is she is against children doing trick and treating and do not want to support it because she know children are kidnapped and lose their lives on this Holiday. She don’t want to encourage that. However, witnessing she supports everyday. If your church supports witnessing to kids and adults that day through an event I don’t see anything wrong with it. I always agreed that trick and treating is too dangerous I think it gives small kids mixed messages about taking candy from strangers. I think trick and treating is going down because more people are realizing this and doing Halloween parties. Not for Halloween parties but, the good news is that less kids and teens are not on the streets at night. Support witnessing but, I would not do it in the form of going door to door at night on Halloween. Too dangerous even with an adult.

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