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The Bible says that God is light. I need you to come back over here for a minute. Okay. Awesome. All right. Okay. I sure hope these work, because I didn’t test them out in advance.Blacken the windows real quick, guys. Okay. Should I press it down and mess up your hair? There we go! There!

We’ve got the Father of lights. Now this is significant because, you see, it doesn’t say that God HAS light. I want you to notice that it’s not like He has like, like this king god has lights wrapped around him. God IS light.

God IS Light, not Has Light

And the interesting thing about it, and,um see it says that God IS light.
And God is the Father of lights. But it declares that Jesus is the lamp.
It says Jesus is the lamp of heaven. God is the light, and it there is no need of the moon or the sun or the stars because God and Jesus light up all of heaven.

Now that’s a very interesting thought. And you need to hold that thought
because God says that He has called us out of darkness into his light. He doesn’t just HAVE light, He is light. And He will be to us an everlasting light. That’s what the Bible says. He’s going to be an everlasting light.

Bible Examples

Any time that you saw stories in the Bible where people encountered the living God or Jesus in a supernatural way, they saw light.

Think about this. When Moses was on the mountain with the ten commandments, what happened? He was with God. When he came down, his
face shone so bright from being in God’s presence that what did they ask him to do? To cover his face, to put on a veil, because it was too bright.

They couldn’t look at what happened to Paul (or Saul) on the road to Damascus when the Lord stopped him. He was riding a horse and the lord stopped and He appeared to him as what? A bright light! It was so brilliant, he went blind.

When Jesus was on the mount of transfiguration. And Peter was up there,
and they saw Moses and Elijah. What was it? He shone bright!

When the angel Gabriel appeared before Mary and Joseph they appeared
Bright. Like white lights! So brilliant that it was blinding!

whenever you encounter God, it’s bright! And here’s what it says, boys and girls, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

I want you to say that with me. God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. You need to remember that.

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