God Used Kids To Protect The USA Before 9-11

God Used Kids to Protect the USA Before 9/11

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It’s been a sad day remembering 9/11. Before church I watched the memorial service for a long time. But there’s one story that did not make the news that you need to know. There have been testimonies of how in the days and weeks before the attack, Christian groups were led in various ways to intercede for our country. One man testified of being led by the Spirit into the Catskill Mountains of New York by himself to go on a 30 day fast for the United States. A larger group of intercessors took a prayer walk up the entire east coast to pray for our country. Their efforts ended just a few days before the invasion. None of them, of course, had any idea what was ahead.
But there is a group of intercessors few people have heard about—a group of children under the age of 12 that were being mentored as intercessors. I had a friend at the time living in Oklahoma who was teaching them. This is the story she told me. Be prepared to be amazed. But also be prepared to let go of any doubts you ever had that children can be used in amazing, significant ways in the army of God if someone will just take the time to train them.
These children had became serious about seeking the face of God very quickly. Trained to pray in their prayer languages (or “tongues” as it is also known) it was common for them to spontaneously speak English words and phrases out through the unction of the Holy Spirit. Because of this, Isabella would keep a “scribe” in the room with them. This scribe was another adult who would journal all of the English words spoken in prayer, no matter which child prayed them.
Shortly after September 11th was history, one of these scribes called Isabella and told her she needed to go look back in their journal. This person was positive the children had prayed over the events of September 11. Sure enough, as Isabella dug through the records, she discovered not one, but several prayer sessions where the children prayed in amazing detail.
Here are some of the things they prayed
September 1, 1998
Islamic group, the chief guy in the Islamic group of terrorists, not pacifists but destroyers, CIA reveal, Islamic group, blinders remove, CIA, you see, reveal, borders, border patrols, Canada, raids, search all USA borders, patrol, search, get ready, see, reveal, American 757/767, get off, back to the gate, you’re grounded, air, terrorist, domestic flights, transatlantic, India, terrorists, cities attack, USA you wake up and pray, assassination attempts, protect the president, Sadaam, underground in Babylon, underground like a city, under-ground blueprints, drawings, plans, plagues, viruses, God disgusted by terrorists, but His Hands are tied, it’s up to us to pray, wake up from your slumber, you’ll be held accountable, foreign invasions, Victoria, Canada, border patrol, children of Israel and children of Babylon, Hebrew, breezeways, entrances.
September 6, 1998
Jerusalem, peace, protection, the blood to cover, angels go protect, take the place, stay and protect, it’s not time yet, deflect, your time has not come, Libya, back, taking authority, the chief guy in the Islamic group, no you go back, go back, he speaks lies,
September 20, 1998
Souls, missiles, shuttles, bomb, sword, truth, divide, spirit, sword fight, show, flow, out of the body, east coast, east coast, her groanings, east coast, the groaning of souls, out of the body, last time, from the people, they go up, east coast, east coast, last time, east coast, souls groaning, such a crying out.
December 20, 1998
Terrorists underground network, sneaky, expose, water system, see, blueprints, plans block, stop, in the Name and blood of Jesus, stop, codes, conquer, throw a punch, war, go, stand.
Isabella Terry shared that later her children’s prayer team was praying about the “Burning Bush.” When the session was done, she asked them if they knew what the burning bush was. They had no idea that it was the nickname many Christians had given to President Bush.
And with this in mind, God, please bless America one more time.
(Excerpt from the book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 12st Century. http://buff.ly/2ccl9r1)

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