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This is a question I get asked every summer at least once. And for good reason! Sending your kids to a fun, exciting camp is great. But if there is not a corresponding refreshing and emphasis on the Spirit of God, then it’s like a bun with no hamburger! It’s been well researched that a significant number of kids get saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and have their life-time calling confirmed by the Holy Spirit at good solid kids camps every year. It’s not just a place to have fun. It can be a place of great spiritual destiny.

So, I asked a group of Spirit-filled kids pastors and ministers about camps they were aware of that would fit the bill. Some of these camps I am aware of and can whole-heartedly endorse. Others I don’t know at all, so in every case you will need to personally research each one and do your due diligence. Unfortunately, most of these are in the United States. So international leaders will need to do their own research.

Some of these camps are going on right now, so we’re behind! Sorry! HOWEVER, you should sign up for their newsletters so that next year you have a heads up far in advance.

The camps below are not listed in order of preference or priority.

Burn4Him Camp (partner with IHOP KC Children’s Equipping Center)

  • Tina Shuttlesworth, Director,
  • “We make equipping children and youth to walk out their faith in the power of the Holy Spirit our priority.”
  • Register at Questions can be directed to

Kids’ Ramp (Cleveland, Tennessee)

  • Karen Wheaton, Director
  • For over 10 years now, Kids Ramp has been a time for children to encounter the real God. Through passionate worship, engaging messages, and lots of fun, young hearts come alive in the presence of God. Join us in Cleveland, TN for the most fun three days of 2021!

Kids for the Nations Day Camp (Part of Christ for the Nations, Dallas Texas)

Signs & Wonders Camps (IHOP’s Children’s Equipping Center)

  • Lenny LaGuardia, Director
  • At our Signs & Wonders Camps children are trained and released to be wholeheartedly devoted to God

John Tasch, Tasch Ministries International

Discovery Camp (in Texas)


Turning Point Church Kids Camp

Kids Aflame (Christian Retreat Center under Gerald Derstine)

Fire Conference: Kids Week

  • Revival Ministries, Tampa. FL

Turning Point Church, Australia –




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