Halloween Sanitize It Hide It or Confront It



Devoted Christians would never think of involving themselves in real witchcraft.My whole life I was one of those Christians who hid in the basement and turned off my lights to avoid participating. Or I joined my church with sanitized “Christian alternatives” to Halloween

called Harvest parties. In a brief post like this, it’s hard to say everything I believe about Halloween. Just be assured I despise it. I have done several blogs on the topic and have come out strong against Christians participating with this. (Go to my website and search for “Halloween” to see them.)

The Decades Old Dilemma

During this time of year parents in the body of Christ are at times filled with anger, confusion, and perplexity on how to react or not to react to the obsession with Halloween. In general, in seems as though each family has been left to make their own decision on this subject based upon their personal convictions and it has been ignored or left alone within the main walls of the corporate church.

For the most part, senior pastors have stopped addressing this subject and have left it to the children and youth ministers assuming that this is a “children’s issue” and not worth spending time addressing this with the parents during the main service. For some children leaders their answer to Halloween has simply been to ignore it and do nothing. But to the honor of many children ministers who have picked up the passed baton of addressing this dreadful day of the year they have tried their best to address Halloween, a holiday that can’t be ignored.

Do We Make an Exception One Time a Year?

Do we make an exception to this scripture once a year? The word says in Ephesians 4:27 that we are not to give place to the devil. Does this mean that we are not to participate in demonic motivated haunted houses and parties on Halloween? Absolutely! We know that according to the word we are living in the last days, our children and our children’s children can’t afford to dabble and flirt in any way with the devil and his underworld of darkness. It is time that pastors take on their role of teaching and exhorting parents to raise up the next generation and to allow no compromise in their life.

This role can only be successful if pastors, children’s pastors, and parents start raising their children to allow no room for compromise. I can’t tell you how many times a parent has come to me when I was an active children’s pastor and ask me what the senior pastor thought about the participation of this holiday. Parents are looking at their pastors to help them find the truth and walk in it. I challenge senior pastors specifically, but Christians in general, to speak up. Do not allow your silence to remain the answer of approval to the parents of your congregation.

Become a Halloween Carrier of the Light

Lastly, let’s consider how we answer the darkness by becoming carriers of light on this holiday. Years ago when I was placed in a position of ministering to children I had to decide how I was going to answer the issue of Halloween. As I prayed, I heard a clear word from the Lord. He said to me that the churches answer to Halloween has been to hide their light under a bushel and surrender this day of the year to the devil. We have either ignored it, given our approval with silence, or found ourselves hiding behind the four walls of the church, refusing to make a stand for truth. We have allowed Satan to have his day when everyday belongs to the Lord!

So, while some Christians still may not agree, a few years ago I thought why do we let the world spit out their demonic message unchallenged to our kids? Why are we not telling the truth to kids in an age-appropriate way that they can grasp–both Christian kids and unsaved kids? I’m not looking for a “sticky sweet” way to participate to be “religiously politically correct.” I wanted to SHATTER THE DARKNESS and get IN THE FACE OF EVIL with the TRUTH!

So I started putting signs together with the truth of the gospel–things like “Demons tremble at the name of Jesus” and Magic and witchcraft has no power over the name of Jesus.” Here’s a sample of the signs I put in my yard. You still may not agree, and that’s okay. But this is my way of CONFRONTING the evil, not cowering under it. I have 15 similar posters that I encourage people to print out and post in their yards.

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