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malene and babyA Dutch missionary working in Zambia wrote us, “We are based at a Bible college where I’m teaching Children’s Ministry this coming term. Here 50% of the population is under the age of 16. I’m so excited to see how God will work in our students lives and open their hearts for the great need of the children in our nation. Our college has about 40 graduates each year who are spread out all over the nation. What a great opportunity if they go out and start working among our kids who are almost all unreached, unvalued, and unseen in many of our churches today.” Malene.

Malene is one of our 2014 graduates of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry and is now asking us how we can make this life changing course available to the students in her Bible School. How do we do that in one of the poorest nations on earth? Our vision is for helping them help the kids.


school of supernatural children's ministryAster Haroon is a pastor’s wife in Lahore, Pakistan. She contacted me on Facebook saying, “I don’t want any financial help. I am only thirsty for spiritual help. Please!” She wanted to be trained in children’s ministry where children are taught to walk in the supernatural. She went on, “My husband and I have 50 small churches in different cities of Pakistan. We have pastors who are very faithful and God fearing and diligently working for the extension of God’s kingdom. Dear sister, I want to learn to work more effectively. What I have to do for that?”

She wanted us to go to Pakistan to train her team, but we had to settle for the next best thing. Through FB, I sent her a downloadable copy of my book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century. Her response? “I am feeling like I am winning the JackPot. I am on page 76 and let me tell you each and every word of your book is gem of life. Thank you sooooo much for mentoring me.” They have a small printer in their ministry that creates books. So she printed a copy of my book to read. She took the test and passed with a 100% score showing she read and understood the material. So what was next?


It has been a dream of mine for the last two years to be able to make our 45 hour School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry available on the internet as an online course precisely for people like Aster and Malene, as well as those here in the USA. Producing a course of 45 DVDS is time consuming, and very expensive to ship around the world. It’s expensive for us to make, and financially it was expensive to even give the course away at our cost of materials and labor.

But now because we are online we can provide the course to people like Aster living in countries where it is not even safe for us to travel. Aster is now taking the course online from Pakistan and is about one fourth of the way through and passing the exams with flying colors! She wrote, “I am now ready to do 13th lesson of SSCM and I want to tell you every lesson is making me more hungry spiritually.”

Through people like Malene and Aster we are redefining children’s ministry around the world. But we can’t do it without you. What happens when people in other nations like this are equipped to train boys and girls to walk in the power of God?

Malene quickly trained a Zambian pastor how to minister to children from what she learned through SSCM. That pastor wrote Malene saying…

malene“What God did here through has made us realize that children are part of Church Ministry and not to be left out at all. Last week there was children’s promotion ministry in our church. They did everything – intercession, Bible study, praise and worship, chairing the main service. We were amazed how people responded to the altar call.

“Demons were cast out, healing took place, it was awesome and they [the children] prayed for the whole church. Actually, most of the people who responded to the altar call testified how God touched them. Even in school things are happening. There is a greater wakening here through these children. This is one of Zambia’s darkest places spiritually where children are now raising up. Praise God!”


This online course is certainly not just for overseas students. We now have a growing number of US students going through the online course as well because it is so convenient. My prayer is that we have thousands of people everywhere taking the course. But we can’t give all of them away all the time.

Would you be willing to provide a full scholarship or even part of a scholarship for one of these overseas pastors and leaders? The online course is normally $377.75, something that would be impossible for them. Please help us change the world through training leaders to equip children with any amount today. Thank you for helping us change the world.

Your Fellow Servant,

Becky Fischer


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