How Could This Happen to Our Family?

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This Is Embarrassing

I’m not exactly proud of this. In fact it’s downright embarrassing. It has to do with my flower garden (my family/my children). I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about gardening (raising a family/ being a parent.) But how I let these weeds (bad habits/worldly influence, mindsets and lifestyles) get so far, I don’t know. This all happened in just 3 weeks’ time! (Just yesterday I was changing diapers. Today they’re in high school!)

IMG_20130715_095650_796-scaled.jpgThis sudden avalanche of dandelions (bad habits/worldly influence, mindsets and lifestyles) just came out of nowhere. At least, it seems that way. Man, we had a ton of rain recently (outside influence from radio, tv, movies, internet, video games, books, etc.) Okay, yes, I did see the little short dandelions when they were about 4 to 6 inches tall. But I just didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I was going to deal with it eventually!

Working for the Lord!

But I was gone doing a family conference (working hard for the Lord!), I had guests to entertain over the 4th of July (everybody has to take break now and then!), and then I’ve been totally focused on the next family conferences coming up. And out of nowhere 6 inch weeds were suddenly 4 feet tall!!!!!!!!

IMG_20130715_102051_070-scaled.jpgGod, this isn’t fair! I’ve been doing YOUR work! I’ve kept up with my Bible reading and prayer, working hard at my relationship with you! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO A GOOD CHRISTIAN GARDEN/HOME/FAMILY LIKE US? I thought it was enough to sprinkle weed killer one time in the spring (take them to church on Sunday) and that everything would be alright!

I Didn’t Get All the Roots

So, today I bit the bullet and went after the weeds. It was hard work! It was hot, and sweaty. The salty stuff (issues and consequences of our actions) dripped into my eyes, causing tears….But I think I got most of them. Well, okay some broke off and I just wasn’t able to get the roots. And unfortunately some of the flowers got pulled up with the junk. But we won’t have to worry about this for a while before they start sprouting up again—and again—and—OKAY! I’ll get the roots (deal with outside influences and begin serious discipleship of my child!) Eventually…

IMG_20130715_102643_236-copy.jpgI did what I could. I don’t know what the future holds. I’m a little concerned, in fact, what my garden is going to look like when I return from my next trip. But after all, I’m working for the Lord! That should account for something! My kids should just automatically absorb my beliefs, my value system, my love of God, regardless of how deliberate I am in training them, right?

So….how’s your garden doing these days?

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