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SSCM - The School of Supernatural Children's Ministry

PowerClubs - Children's Ministry Training Course

We have two correspondence schools/courses for children’s pastors, Sunday School teachers, children’s ministry volunteers, or parents. The focus in our schools is how to raise a generation of boys and girls at church and home to walk in the supernatural power of God the way Jesus said we could. They are 1) the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry (SSCM) and 2) the PowerClub Children’s Ministry Training Course. All of the 16 classes in the PowerClub training actually are a part of SSCM. They are the  practical, hands-on sessions that deal specifically with a children’s church service, whereas SSCM is a much broader look at discipling children to walk with God. Here are the steps to become a certified graduate of either course:

  1. Purchase the course you want online, either SSCM or PC, in our webstore found here:
    1. SSCM –
    2. PowerClub –
    3. A third choice, and the best, easiest, and quickest choice, is to study online by going here:
  2. Enroll as a student in either the School do Supernatural Children’s Ministry or the PowerClub Children’s Ministry Training Course.
    1. This involves filling out the enrollment form which can be found in a folder when you purchase either the DVD or MP4 versions.
    2. There is a $30 enrollment fee to cover administration activities. Information on how and where to pay your fee is included in the form.
    3. If you choose to study online, your enrollment fee is automatically included with the course and there is no need to pay separately.
  3. Once we receive your enrollment form and your payment, you are assigned a KIMI coach to help you when you need it.
    1. The coaches are there to answer any questions, help with problems, give you the required tests, grade your tests, and encourage you to finish the course in a timely fashion.
    2. If you choose to sign up online, everything, including the enrollment fee, is automatic. No forms to fill out and all the tests are there online and can be completed immediately with no waiting for a coach to send them to you. When you complete an online test, you receive your grade instantly by clicking on “Complete” and “Save” buttons.
    3. For those studying online, as soon as you complete the course, you receive an automatic email letting you know you have finished successfully.
    4. For those studying by DVD or MP4, your coach will inform you when you have completed the course successfully.
  4. Once you graduate from either the SSCM or PC training courses successfully, you are technically immediately certified. Verification of this is a confirmation email from us, along with a digital copy of your certificate of completion.
    1. The digital certificate is suitable for printing and framing if you choose to.
    2. Those who come to our annual KIMI Leadership Conference and Graduation Ceremonies in person, are given printed copies of the certificate, prayer, and prophetic ministry at the conclusion of a dynamic 2-day kids ministry conference.
  1. Upon certification, graduates are automatically added to our mailing list to keep you informed of upcoming events, new products, and exciting testimonies of what is happening in KIMI around the world.
    1. We would like to be connected on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so we can stay abreast of how God is using you in kids ministry through what you have learned from the schools, and how your children are growing in the Lord.
    2. We encourage our grads to friend and follow as many of our KIMI directors as you choose, because they are all very inspirational and knowledgeable about KIMI.
    3. Also, we invite you to join our Facebook group called Supernatural Kidmin Children’s Ministry where over 2500 leaders from around the world daily share testimonies, ask questions about what God is doing in kids. You can join that anytime. You do not need to be a graduate to join. We know God is doing big things everywhere, not just in KIMI and we celebrate what He’s doing in all children’s ministries not just our own.
  2. Relationship and attendance at our events are how we stay connected. We currently have directors in 8 states, and 9 countries. Our leaders have come to us through the years by becoming certified, staying in relationship so we can get to know them in the natural and by the Spirit. This is a growing network of great leaders and we look forward to seeing who God sends us next. 

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer. Contact our office at

God bless you, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Becky Fischer, Director

Kids in Ministry International

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