How to Become a PowerClub Leader

Kids in Ministry International How to Become a PowerClub Leader


It’s extremely easy to become a PowerClub leader.

The first step of training to become a PowerClub Leader would begin with reading the book “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century.” You will be required to write a book report as verification that your read it. (Instructions are included in the training course.)

Training can come through several methods. One is attending a live training by Becky Fischer or one of the Kids in Ministry Leaders in a local church or at a conference. When going through a live training, you eliminate the requirement of having to turn in notes on each session. Your training instructor will give you written verification that you have attended all the sessions. (Be watching our website calendar for announcements of upcoming sessions.)

Training can also come through studying specific DVD sessions from the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry available in our online store by clicking here, or through purchasing just a set of the following sessions through the PowerClub Training Course by clicking here . When using the DVDs as the training, each individual is required to submit notes taken of each session as verification they actually watched the DVD. Instructions on submission guidelines are included in the course. As many people as desire may become certified from the purchase of one set, however, those sets may not be duplicated, only shared.

Titles of the PowerClub sessions include:

1: Evaluating the Church & Her Children
2: Kids as a Mission Field
3: PowerClubs: Planting Churches of Children
4: What to Teach Children & Why
5: True Mentoring & Discipling of Children
6: Children & the Holy Spirit
7: The KIMI Pattern of Children’s Ministry
8: How to Use the KIMI Curriculums
9: Thou Shalt Have Object Lessons
10: Creative Drama in Teaching
11: Reaching the Heart of a Child through Games
12: Understanding Children & Worship
13: Altar Services as an Art Form
14: Discipline Can Be Fun
15. How to Start a PowerClub

You will receive a free complimentary copy of the book “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century with the purchase of the PowerClub Training Course.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone is completely free to study the course and use the principles taught without ever becoming an “official” PowerClub. However, you may NOT use the name “POWERCLUB” (a copyrighted Trademark) in your children’s ministry unless you are sanctioned and authorized as an official PowerClub by KIMI. This is to protect the integrity of the name, so if a parent takes their child to a PowerClub then can be assured they are getting the type of ministry we are known for with no exceptions.

To purchase the PowerClub Training Course click here .





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