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I saw kids on the floor seeking the LORD!

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Sometimes we receive testimonies from customers that we just have to share. Our materials and resources are not for everyone. We understand that. But what we are known for is teaching kids about the Holy Spirit, teaching them to hear God’s voice, and bringing them in to the presence of God.

If you have been tired and discouraged as a children’s pastor or leader, perhaps you can find yourself in this testimony from our Facebook friend, Jen P.

“I have been processing what I experienced in children’s church on Sunday. Literally, it was the first time I was not exhausted after children’s church and service going over wasn’t a big deal. Kids weren’t waiting for Mom and Dad to pick them up and we didn’t run out of things to teach. In fact I was praying we would get through the prayer before parents came.

It was amazing, and I never want to go back to what children’s church was. Y’all, we were in there for 2 1/2 hours, and we didn’t finish the lesson. We only played one game, just one, still the kids were engaged. There was only a power point for worship, but no other screen time.

I love our sermon’s in the sanctuary. I love how it is rich in the Word, and normally I would have missed listening to the preaching, because it is that good, but with the kids, I poured out but got poured right back into. I honestly cant wait to get back in the classroom.

I can’t tell you how much I disliked the lesson’s I have done in the past at other churches. I always left so exhausted and needing a nap.

The lesson’s were not fun or engaging. I would dread the lesson, the dumbed down Bible stories, the crafts; it felt more like try to keep the kids busy then expecting them to learn and seek the LORD for themselves.

Sunday, I saw kids on the floor seeking the LORD! I saw kids using their God given gifts to worship! It was not perfect, but wonderfully imperfect, and what I have been dreaming of in a children’s church for years. ❤” 

If you have never used one of our curriculums, perhaps it’s time to start. People ask us all the time, “Which one should I begin with?”

Although people have used a variety to begin with, we suggest Our Amazing God, because it cover 5 vital foundational doctrines:
The Trinity (in much depth)
Baptism in the Holy Spirit (with Speaking in tongues)
Water baptism
How we are created in the image of God- spirit, soul, and body

It’s a perfect lead in to our second curriculum on teaching kids to hear God’s voice. Following that we highly recommend going through There’s Power in the Blood, and then God’s Supernatural Kingdom.

After that, any of our curriculums go in any order. They are numbered if you care to follow the numbers, but each one is a stand-alone topic that can be used in any order at any time.

Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think of our curriculums, or ask any question.



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