“I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!”

Kids in Ministry International News & Views “I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!”
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“I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!” some parents say. We live in a society that is consumed with sports, and parents move heaven and earth to get their kids involved in one type or another. If we teach our children to keep their eyes on the ball but fail to teach them to keep their eyes on Christ, we have failed as parents.

There’s nothing wrong with sports, but it is always amazing to me how many parents make sure their kids can play in hockey every Sunday morning for years, then wonder why they have no interest in church and serving God later in life. Making the team is a tremendous achievement; however, it must be put in its proper perspective. No sports endeavor will ever be as important as becoming a man or woman of God.

So you want your kid to be like Tim Tebow? GREAT! For starters, like his four siblings, Tebow was home schooled. No TV until they had memorized Scripture; no discussing their many sports victories unless someone asked about them. Through high school and college, he divided his time between football and ministry. So, do you have what it takes to raise a Tebow? ~ Becky Fischer





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2 thoughts on ““I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!””

  1. kamya john says:

    we are looking for people who have a Vision for children to stand with us here as we serve the community.please we need you

  2. Dennish says:

    I would want my kid to be like Tim Tebow…God help my Sunday school kids to be a generation of Holiness..

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