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new.jpgRecently there seems to be a resurgence of prophetic words of how God sees children as His partners in the End Times harvest. These are always words we as Christian parents, leaders, and children’s ministries should take seriously. A prophetic word is an invitation from God—what He wants and hopes for us, but we must be willing to partner with Him and not resist what He wants to do. He gives us a glimpse into the future spiritually. He who has ears to hear, let him hear with open hearts!

They Will Hear a Sound and Run!

Chuck Pierce, of Global Spheres, Inc. and Glory of Zion Ministries, posted a prophetic word in the Elijah List, “I am doing something new in the younger generation. There is a sound going out that will draw them and they will have to run, and they will be like the prodigal who said, ‘I’ve got to get back to my father’s house. I don’t care what I have to do, I’ve got to get back to my father’s house!’ There’s going to be sound and they’re going to hear it and they’re going to run, and they’re going to begin to ascend.

“There are so many of the older generation who were marked for salvation during the Jesus Movement, but they lacked whatever was necessary that they could come into salvation. This new move that I am doing in the younger generation is going to pour on them everything they need to come fully into salvation. They won’t just sit on the steps and say, ‘Can anybody help me?’, but will receive from the younger generation who have heard that call and ascended to the place where I Am.”

Children Will Encounter Jesus in Schools!

Lana Vawser, featured regularly on The Elijah List, The Australian Prophetic Council, and Charisma Magazine, recently wrote:  “I also felt the Lord saying that there will be encounters with Jesus in children and schools as the people of God pray. The Lord is going to visit the children, they will have dreams and visions of Jesus. They will see His Word made manifest. Blueprints and revelations from heaven will be given TO THE CHILDREN and they will begin to speak out all they see and there will be great breakthrough released into the United States in the area of creativity and economy that will come through the mouths of babes.”

“I also saw that in these encounters children will be having with the Lord, there will be healings on the increase and testimonies of Jesus arising. Jesus meeting children in their dreams, in their homes and bringing healing to bodies and hearts. Children meeting Jesus in their dreams and seeing the Gospel truth and telling their friends and families of the Jesus they met, and salvations exploding.”

They Will Walk with Light into Dark Places

Patricia King released: “I have given them my power to walk with light into the darkest places. I will give them everything they need to be the peacemakers this nation desires. May they be a blessing to every person they touch! I give them an anointing that has not yet been seen and will only be seen by those who truly seek the truth in their hearts.”

These children, this army, will have discernment and a focus that will be able to cut through any snare or trap of the enemy. They will walk in favor, everything their hands touch will be dripping with my grace. I will be sure to follow through with every decree made from their heart because only truth comes off of their lips and their tongues are able to break off every stronghold. Watch, watch, watch I say, as I raise up an undefeated army; an army able to withstand my power and able to withstand all persecution.

With a mighty roar and a precise shout!

They will pull up and uproot every seed sown that is not in line with my Word. Watch and learn as they sow seeds of Heaven and they will water and nurture every one of them until the Kingdom rules and reigns in this Country.

Behold, it is time, this is their season and they WILL BE RELENTLESS!

They will not give up! They will not turn to the right or to the left, instead their faces will be fixed like flint until my purposes and plans are fully in place. Wait and watch for the beauty to come up from the ashes. Wait to see the level of Glory they will return unto me… Eyes have not seen yet this level of Glory they are about to give me. The young will teach the old and the children will lead the mother’s and father’s into a relationship with me I have been longing for since I created them. Protect them, nurture them and feed them Manna from Heaven and watch my hand move like never before!”

These are just some of the new prophetic words being released over GENERATION NEXT. I will be sharing more in the days to come. Stay connected with us on Social media to hear them as they come out.

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