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I’m Not Called to Children’s Ministry!

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When I was on staff at MorningStar, I heard Rick Joyner say numerous times that 85% of the body of Christ did not know what their calling was. I had to laugh every time I heard it. Because whenever I asked someone to help us in the children’s ministry, they instantly replied, “Sorry, I’m not called to children’s ministry.”

Isn’t that interesting? They don’t know what they are called to, but they sure know what they are not called to without even giving it a try!

There are now over 7.5 billion people on the earth, one-third of which are children under the age of 15. Some nations we go to such as India, and most of Africa, report that over half of their populations are under 15. HALF! Yet 90% of the body of Christ feels no interest or compulsion in any way to minister to kids.

In Africa, in the past, it was common to shoo kids away from the stages of big preaching events to make room for adults. Yet the kids are the most open to receiving the gospel message. (32 kids get saved to every 6 adults!)

Sugar Cookie and Milk Ministry

Yes, we need help in children’s ministries in our churches and schools. But we have to expand our thinking and understand being involved in children’s ministry does not necessarily mean teaching a Sunday School class. It means discipling and equipping children to know their God and become functioning soldiers in the Kingdom Army anywhere we find them–in our families, neighborhoods, schools, and more.

I have encouraged people for years to have “sugar cookie and milk” ministries. Look for kids near you who just need an adult to believe in them and take time to listen and spend time with them. Give them some cookies or fruit and an open ear. You don’t have to prepare a lesson or preach a sermon. Just be their friend and look for opportunities to slip in things about Jesus and the Bible. You might be surprised how effective that is.

Personal Mentorship

Personal mentorship, and believing and empowering children to walk in His supernatural Power, to hear his voice, and do His works requires parents to purge their mentality that discipleship is what happens in the four walls of the church and, “If I can just get my kids to church on Sundays, everything will work out just fine.”

Child discipleship (notice I did not say child evangelism–because we are good at getting kids saved) is a daily, intentional, conscious effort to mold the mind and spirit of a child, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, into a devoted follower of Christ–parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, cousins, pastors, board member, family friends –whatever you consider yourself, we have got to disciple the children in our lives or pay the price of an apostate church in the future.

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