Information vs. Transformation in Children’s Ministry

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AfricaI received this delightful email from a man in Uganda where one of our leaders, Laura Diehl, just did a PowerClub Training. He wrote: “Thanks for being a great blessing to us in Jinja and the surrounding districts. I am not ashamed to say that KIMI has touched our hearts and opened up the real ministry in children. I closely and attentively listened and watched Pastor Laura ministering to us in great anointing and really desired to have such revelations!

Transformation in Children’s Ministry

Recently (before the PowerClub training) I had coordinated a different training in Kaliro District and 118 children workers participated. As it is always my policy, I asked one of the trainees what she exactly benefited from the training? In her answer she said: “I see information verses transformation.” Yes, we felt we have gotten the information from the training, but we did not understand how shall we use this information to spiritually transform the young generation? What can we really teach the children? I remained touched but with no clear answer.

But now I want to testify that God answered my prayer to have the real picture of what to do with the information verses transformation question. In the KIMI PowerClub Training came with the answer through the teaching of the TABERNACLE PATTERN OF CHILDREN’S MINISTRY. This teaches us to help children know and experience the power of the God they serve.

Thanks, we are really blessed and deeply loved by God to share with us what I term as a hidden treasure!

Jinja Uganda

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